Your Venus & Venus Retrograde 2015

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What do you LIKE?

What is it? What do you like really?

Think of how in Spanish, to love is to desire.
~ Te quiero ~

Venus and Mars!
That’s it!

Take a moment to think about the things that you do to make yourself more beautiful,

and then


Think about what you are doing when you feel beautiful.

* are you singing?

* going for a walk in the city or out in nature?

* having sex?

* do you feel beautiful when your child hugs you?

* or when you turn a stranger’s head ?

* do you need someone else’s gaze, or are you perfectly alone?

* are you beautiful when you laugh?

When was the last time you felt really lovely?
~where are your permissions for pleasure located?~

What do you need to be beautiful,
not just to experience Beauty, but to embody it?

and when you do embody beauty, what do you attract?
What or who draws close to you, absolutely compelled?

Do you get what you want?
Or perhaps only what you need, or worse!
How comfortable are you receiving what you desire?

This clip is the perfect illustration of being out of touch with your Venus.
The people, the couple, don’t know actually what they would like!

how, HOW?! does he manage to put SO VERY MUCH in a 1 min. 24 second clip?!!???
I mean honestly!?

Dylan Moran is a Scorpio Sun with a Taurus Moon.
His Venus is in it’s detriment, Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio is Mars ruled, and therefore knows desire inside out!
Notice for Scorpio, DEATH!

I’ve posted about him in a fan-girl sort of way BEFORE


So what do you like?
Or, put another way, what do you VALUE?
What gives you Pleasure?

This a Venus question, & we will have a Venus Retro this year,

~I try to keep my heart open to all transits, but I’m somehow not a fan… er, ever… ~

It does come on every year and a half though,
Venus retro is not the least bit unusual.

If you have it nataly, the challenge is simply to live your values,
to freely express what you love any way that you want to.

Best Use of Venus Retrograde in Aries EVER!!
loz! Audrey’s Chart HERE



2015 is so potent, packed, unexpected, and here’s a surprise…

With the malaise that Saturn/Neptune can bring,
it becomes more important than ever to tap into Pleasure (Venus)
and Desire (Mars) on a deep level.

Do you know your Venus placement, by sign, house, aspect and ruler?

Tell me in the comments!
If you want to go deep, check the aspects to the Ruler of your Venus.
Illumination Time!

I have Venus in Gemini SURPRISE! (not)
and the aspects are many… it’s my chart ruler as well, so there you go!


What do I like?

I like like variety, and I like to talk to my friends!
If I can’t have that, I’m a very poor creature indeed.
Too, I must be learning something new at all times…
Venus trine Uranus!


Here is something I learned rather late in life,
the astro on that is a bit long to explain, but I do! I love it!
Me without a mountain to climb or a hope for the future….
Quel Drag!

When you look at Venus (what you like)
why not go ahead and include her lover Mars,
Which is how you go about getting what you want.
Sign, House, Aspect, and the interplay between them…


Venus retrograde is EXACTLY the means by which Venus traces her flower across the sky.

Time to re-work, to recalibrate your loves and money.
Reconsider relationships and perhaps re-visit some old flames, or acquaintances, old ways of making money… frequently casual money/affection seems to dry up, and often you have to bear with and consider who you love/value, and who values you back! Are their misunderstandings as in a Merc retro, but on a love level? Yes, sometimes, to be straightened out after Venus stations direct.


In 2015, the start of Venus Retrograde falls on July 25.
For this particular retro the aspects are muy interesante.
There are positives!

~ a second chance?! ~

Venus backs up to meet Jupiter for the second time, on the 4th-6th of August, (the first meeting is July 1st-3rd),
and then later smooches Mars (August 31- September 2nd)

All the while the Old Skull and Crossbones (Saturn)
slices through the final degrees of Scorpio for the last time!
or the last time until 30years from now
Saturn is in Sagittarius as of September 17th, 2015

Venus is direct at 14 Leo on September 6, 2015
inconjunct Pluto, and sextile Mercury,

Our Sweetheart has a message, or receives one,
along with a perfect shock on the 23 of September,
when Uranus trines Venus at 19 degrees Aries to Leo,
while Chiron opposes Venus.

On the same day, the 23rd,
the Sun conjuncts the North Node at 0 and 1 degree Libra,
the Moon slips over to 0 Aquarius, Saturn vibrates at 0 Sagittarius.
What does that mean?

I’ll unpack it as we get closer, but circle the dates on your calendar,
ummm I mean… type a note on your iphone!

Love YOU!!!!


Dylan, Mahalia,& Audrey all have their Venus’s under duress, we are talking
Detriment, Fall, or Retrograde.
All three absolutely embrace their Venus as a way of life!
Sing, Act, Dance! Enjoy! <3 *pix from the incomparable Sartorialist

** Mahalia’s chart is fascinating and very clearly expressed!
Check it HERE

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35 Responses to Your Venus & Venus Retrograde 2015

  1. J.L. says:

    I have Venus in Libra (14 degrees) in the 1st house, conjunct Uranus (6 degrees Libra), opposite Chiron (9 degrees Aries). I have Mars in Leo (22 degrees) in the 11th house, conjunct my Sun 29 degrees Leo), and squaring the Moon (12 degrees Taurus), Neptune (28 degrees Scorpio) and Saturn (22 degrees Taurus). No aspects between Venus and Mars. Fun times.
    BTW I love, love, love this blog!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey J.L.,

      Thanks for writing! I’m so happy you like it.:) With Venus in Libra and Mars in Leo, you are seriously hott stuff. Very Glam, Very Powerful. That’s a loose sextle between them. 🙂 I like it! With your Venus ruled Moon, (more lux, more glam) and Saturn/Neptune in the mix, finding the right definitions can give you so much freedom.:) xox

  2. jtgirl40 says:

    I love your posts. I have venus conjunct mercury 2nd house Aquarius They are both opposite my Jupiter in 8th. My Mars sits right next to my chart ruler satan, err I mean Saturn in Aries, 4th

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jtgirl,

      Aww thanks! Nice to hear from you! The situation you describe makes you a real powerhouse! That’s very bright light you’ve got! And it’s perfect for shining in all the dark corners! So SEXYSMART! Plus Mars/Saturn = Epic Stamina! thanks for writing! 🙂 xox

  3. Niki says:

    Your venus in gemini really shows here at your blog. You write beautifully, and I feel like you’re one of my old friends, even though we’re not;) Probably your venus on my descendent has something to do with why I’m attracted to this place. As for my venus, it’s in my first house in sagittarius conjunct my ascendent and uranus. I’ve been in love 3 times, and it happened so fast every time, we’re talking minutes here lol. And then when they break my heart my appearance changes drastically. Thanks for all you do here, I appreciate it a lot.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Niki,

      Thank you so much! My world is always full of Sagittarians. I <3 them. What a perfect description of Venus/Asc/Uranus, & Sagittarius will def. take a chance! 🙂 I'm so sorry about the heartbreak, but I guess there is no escape from that for anyone. :/
      As a Venus/Uranus person I totally get it about the makeover. New Time/New Life/New Look, A couple times a year I think, I need to change my look!!! And totally go through everything trying to find what is going to feel relevant/fresh. Thank you so much for writing! xox

    • Colleen says:

      Heh, her venus is on my descendant, too. LOL! (13Gem?)

  4. Thank you for pointing out that Venus in Aries (Audrey Hepburn vid) can be ‘original’..I am always told things like…’it means you’re selfish in love’. Yes, I love like a child, I am ardent and direct at times, but now see better how Aries Venus could do things differently and be intensely creative. My Venus lives in the 8th house…so the fire burns amongst dark shadows…it’s certainly a harder place to both manifest/initiate from…and also to really get to know your own Venus…it takes time and deep soul searching, but I believe in the value of this placement. xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey sophiepiscesmoon,

      Thanks for writing! I love Venus in Aries! Some of my all time fav. people have this placement. Aries Venus is Brave and True! In the 8th you have double Mars style Venus powers! Desire is a force! One of the most powerful in all the world… think of how many things come about because of desire… use it wisely! Lol! I know you will! xox <3

  5. Colleen says:

    Oh dear…Venus 12 Aqu 2nd house inconj Uranus R 10 Virgo 9th H; conj Saturn 20 Aqu,2nd H; sextile Jupiter(chart ruler) 11 Aries 3rd H; square Neptune 17 Scorpio 11th H; inconj Pluto R 14 Virgo 9th H. Wide opp Moon 21Leo 8th House (Leo and Aquarius are intercepted as well) And during August (6-9 or thereabouts) our band is planning on getting back together to play a music festival. Hmmmm…With all those planets in the 8th, this could get interesting!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,

      Thanks for writing!! Venus in Aquarius in the second, you have you own VALUES, your own aesthetic, an independent vision of security. Nothing used up or tired out for you! All the Virgo, Aries, and Leo back you up on this one. It’s gotta feel fresh. xox

      • Colleen says:

        🙂 I’ll see what my Cappy Sun/Merc/Mars have to say. LOL! An aside: have you ever done a post regarding your take on Uranus/Saturn joint rulership of Aquarius? Uranus I can see, but Saturn??

        • o_lightning says:

          Oh Saturn completely rules Aquarius! Aquarians are so cranky! lol. They get everything just the way they like it, and do not want to change it one bit.Then Bam! Out of the blue it’s all some new way forever! Until Bam, black is the new turquoise. And Heaven forbid you try to convince them they are wrong! Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. 🙂

          Capricorn respects tradition for sure, but your Venus chart set up sounds individualistic, to thin own self be true. 🙂 xo

          • Colleen says:

            I make my own traditions. And then change them! LOL! *gets out shovel to do more excavating on poor intercepted Aquarian Venus and Saturn*

            Thanks!! :):)

  6. Schisandra says:

    My Venus is in Aries too! It’s at 13 degrees Aries, in fact, so I’ve been feeling the Uranus visitation + Pluto square pretty acutely. (My Venus is in my third house, and Pluto is once again dancing up to conjoin my ascendant.) I’ve gone through a slow transformation of how I see myself and my value in intimate relationships.

    When people use military analogies for civilian situations (my boss used to be in the navy), I find it hilarious and utterly delightful. That HAS to be my Arian Venus in my third house! ;->

    With a Capricorn ascendant, moon + Pluto in Virgo in my eighth house, and Saturn and Mars loosely conjunct in Taurus in my 3rd house, I tend to be a pretty serious person (despite my sun also being in Aries at 0 degrees). But I’ve noticed that when I feel really comfortable and loving with someone, I love to tease and be playful. I think that too is a gift of Venus in Aries.

    So while Venus in Aries may not be the best placement for love or money (thus far, anyway), I’ve really come to value what it brings in humour and light-heartedness. :->

    I truly enjoy the fresh perspectives you bring to astrology. :->

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Schisandra,

      Thanks for writing! Rocking that hard core game changing Cardinal Venus!
      I really do think Venus in Aries is a terrific placement on so many levels! Talk about joie de vivre! And if you give Venus in Aries a way to feel good, by god, they’ll take it!
      I completely agree with your personal assessment! Venus in Aries is FUN. So fun!!
      Great call on the military language, and teasing! So true. xox

      • Schisandra says:

        Joie de vivre! Yes!!! That’s been a driver for me all my life. Not that I’ve always had it, but that was what I’ve wanted and been drawn to. So very unlike my family of origin that I have joked often that I am a changeling, or that I lived in a Mediterranean culture in my previous lifetime. One of my core desired feelings is to be “vibrantly alive”.

        Nope, nothing to this astrology stuff whatsoever … ;->

  7. Laura says:

    Venus at 0 degree Cancer (7th House) sextile Mars at 3 degrees Virgo (9th House), and Jupiter 0 degree Virgo (9th House).

    Neptune on my Ascendent in 22 Degrees Sag. My moon is 0 degree Gemini (5th House).

    I’d be really interested to see your take on my little set up.

    Love your work! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Laura,

      Thanks! and Thanks for writing!
      Oh you have such a cute Cardinal Venus! The first thing that popped into my head was “Nobody puts baby in a corner” Lol I love the sextile to Mars/Jupiter and Ruled by a Gemini Moon. ~Ingenuity, Flexibility, and Control~ I bet you are VERY hard to outfox! xox

      • Laura says:

        Thank you! I was having a little confidence wobble over the past few days and your kind words have hit the spot in making me feel better. They are rather accurate too, even if I do say so myself!


  8. cigi says:

    I visit your site regularly. Now I know why! My Venus is conjunct Mars in Gemini (3rd House). I so know what you mean about needing freedom, variety, challenges…I’ve always felt like a dandelion seed blowing with the breeze. I tried to feel normal and get my teaching credential and MA, but the Uranus/Pluto square is hitting my ASC/10th House. I no longer want anything to do with my current path. I want to be reinvented and reinvigorated. I think a reading might be in order………

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey cigi,

      Thanks for writing!!! GEMINI POWER! Wooohooo! We got it! :::laughs:::
      Absolutely! Drop me a line, I would be very happy to work with you! xo

  9. ab says:

    Not entirely sure if I’m doing this correctly haha but my Venus is in Pisces 25 degrees conjunct my 1st House which is 24 degrees, my Venus also trines Pluto (Scorpio 25 degrees) and squares Tenth House (Sagittarius 26 degrees). My moon is in Aries and one of my best friends’ moon happens to be in Gemini! ;D I only have Gemini in my Third (3 degrees) and Fourth (26 degrees) Houses. This is the only thing I’ve read of yours but I’m definitely loving it!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey ab,
      Thanks for writing!! I love Venus in Pisces!! Such a classically beautiful placement. In the first I bet you are so, SO PRETTY!! Trine pluto, makes everybody want you. That’s a powerful Venus. Aries Moon is a go getter! I love it! xox

      • ab says:

        No problem! Your blog is awesome, very fascinating and unique. I love it 🙂 Thank you! Haha yeah it’s definitely easy for me to attract, not so easy to keep or get them to go away sometimes though haha! Yes my Sun is in Aquarius and I have been involved with two Aries Venus and it was definitely quite fun at times with my Aries Moon 😉

  10. Derrick says:

    This was one of the best readings on the net that I’ve found regarding the retrograde. I’m an 11th Taurus Sun and 4th Libra Moon so I can’t help but feel slave to my 18 Aries Venus conjunct 22 Aries Mars (and opposite 19 Libra Pluto–phew!). I think it’s interesting that I’ve got Transit Uranus conjunct Venus as well as the Capricorn Pluto square right as Venus gets set to go back and forth through my 2nd and 3rd houses in Leo and Virgo. I believe there will also be a Jupiter-Venus conjunction post-retrograde at 14 Virgo, which is directly conjunct my NN and 4th House Cusp.

    I love that you give props to Venus in Aries folk! The net tends to tear us down! I battle with my Aries Venus sometimes as my Taurus-Cancer ASC nature doesn’t like how she can be a little aggressive and ostentatious in her 10th House placement. And conjunct Mars she definitely tends to go after anything and everything that she wants. I am gonna keep up with this blog as the retro draws nearer because I think I’m going to be affected in a big way and you’re info is spot on!

    P.S. I know you say Aries Venus people are fun, but my big brother is a Gemini Venus (Gemini Sun and Mercury) and he was mister popularity and the prom king in HS! Venus Geminis are a blast!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Derrick,

      Thanks!!! And thanks so much for writing!! I’m so happy you will be a reader here. 🙂

      Yes, there is a Jupiter/Venus/Mars combo in Virgo, in October ruled by Merc in Libra, (think relationships!) It looks pretty amazingly epic/baffling/ it’s an oportunity! The pile up is inconjunct Uranus, trine Pluto, and opposite Neptune. With The North Node at 0 Libra!
      That WILL take some unraveling in explanation, but for certain, I will give it a go over!!

      Yes to the awesomeness of Venus in Aries peeps!!! Yes to the awesomeness of Venus is Gemini too!!! It’s my natal placement, so I’m a fan! ::: blushes:: Good for friends, good for flirting, good for design and decor!

  11. Marya says:

    My Venus is in Leo 4th house 25 degrees. My moon (in Aries ) trines Venus. Venus trines Jupiter and sextile Uranus. And mercury sextile venus. Not sure if that is enough info but love any thoughts you have on my chart. Thanks 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Marya,
      Sounds like you have a fully functional, beautifully active Venus. I love it when the Moon and Venus have a good relationship! Self esteem, baby! 🙂 Do you totally love to have people over, and host parties at your place?

  12. Anna rose ferris says:

    I have Venus in the first house at 5 aquarius. I’m wondering if there will be any effect with my retrograde natal jupiter at 0 Virgo in my 7th house? What do u think? 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Anna rose ferris,
      Thanks for writing! It seems to me you should see something, or the glimmer or something that becomes more with the second pass when Venus is direct. 🙂 xox

  13. Virgo says:


    I am a bit unexperienced and definitely not well versed in astrology matters but here’s what I’ve gathered:
    My Venus is in Libra at 22° and Mars in Virgo at 21°. I am a Virgo myself.
    What should I expect from this Venus in retrograde?

    Forgive my total lack of knowledge in what you are all discussing here. I’ve recently picked up the interest and still struggle to figure out all this stuff.

    Anyway, your blog posts are very insightful. Keep up the good work!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Virgo,

      As a Virgo with Venus in Libra, it seems to me you ought to have excellent taste and an eye for detail plus the financial ability to keep your boat afloat no problem. That’s always a nice thing!
      Venus in your solar 12th (Leo) may bring back some old friends/flames/connections or unfinished biz. The fall is going to offer you some real opportunity as you’ll have Jupiter and Venus on board in your sign to kick it off. 🙂 A whole refreshing year of opportunity balanced Chiron sending out life lessons of the authenticity required sort. Thanks for writing! xox

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