Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Virgo Hottie Sofia Lauren
and Libra Sun and Moon Marcello Mastroianni


They had a Mercury exchange among other things…
His in Virgo, Hers in Libra
Who says Mercury is not Sexy!?
This movie is so Gemini!

It’s short films and they play different characters each time.
Welcome to Venus in Gemini Retro Land..
There is some magic too!
We are headed to a Gemini Eclipse on the 20th! Yes people.

( karma alert)

It looks like a good one, let’s have some changes, shall we?
It’s not like we don’t need any!!!!

Sofia’s Moon in Aqua and Marcello’s Mars is there too. Potent!
Both of them Capricorn Rising!

Rags to Riches Baby! Climb that latter one step at a time!
Her Libra Jupiter and His in Sagittarius….
Well you know they had fun!


The Moon will be in Aries today before it’s half over.
Backwards Venus in Gemini,
Multiple loves
Multiple perspectives,
Multiple $ flow,


Rethink the whole thing:




But you know, lighthearted, like a Gemini does!

Love YOU!!!

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