Individuate! YES YOU! Do it!

All the information is not yet in, but the train is still leaving the station.

Train’s not gonna stop Y’all. You may have to drive. True story.
You may have to get there yourself, but HELL Chica, you totally can!

Take action that you feel good about. Progress! It’s not a dirty word peeps.
If you leave some people in the dust, fact is, they were kinda dusty anyway.

YES help people, but don’t try to drag them along kicking and screaming.

You know what you need to do.

MOVE. Your body, your mind, your life. Yours to change to achieve, to try.

Uranus is direct in Aries.

Oh and one more thought with the Gemini Eclipse on the way
and Merc. Still Retro in Sagittarius…

Nuff said


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