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Astrologically, as in life, people get obsessed with timing,
and that is one of the amazing feature of looking at charts. Things can be mapped down to the minute.
But what is also largely misunderstood, is that transits
(transits means the space of time that one planet begins to effect us one way or another), are like seeing something from a distance.

It gets closer and closer, becomes more and more realized,
as we can conceive of it properly
and then it recedes… that gazelle wanders off
and we are left contemplating the nature of gazelles,
or whatev, and it is only then , that we turn to our friend and say
“you know, gazelles are really beautiful,
I think I want to be a professional photographer”
or go back to college for microbiology, or volunteer at the homeless shelter back home,
or whatev!

what is that little tweaker so excited about?!

So! the nature of our response has to do with the way our charts are set up,
our backgrounds and interests.
Sometimes it may take a long ass time for a message to completely percolate it’s way
though our psyche and arrive at it’s destination…
Remember this lanky dude with north node in Aquarius?

Watching him dance ought to be an essay on the power of embracing your north node.
The man has Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus
Virgo rising, and a Capricorn Moon!
His famous dance style reads as pure Aqua, no?

And for All you EARTH signs: NEVER doubt the longevity of what you have created.

that is some early MGMT.
Talking Heads Fear of Music was released in 1979!

So, You know, that damn Gazelle could be important,
as the moment that everything crystallized… only you didn’t know it until later,
much later.

Ok. We just had the our Eclipses, and Venus transited the Sun,
(and everyone was so excited!)

As we know, Venus is still going backwards bringing friends and lovers,
people from our past back into our lives for a reconsider at least
until the end of July.

The meaning of the Venus Transit the Sun is going to work it self through
according to what it hits in your chart,
and how YOUR values of love and money are expressed!
If you want to know how that is call your favorite astrologer!

So too with Eclipses, give them a month or three to work things out….

going to leave it out on a poem by Richard Siken

His book Crush is potent reading.


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  1. Katherine Kyle says:


  2. lux says:

    i have this book. you are jeff made me sob in my university library at 3 in the morning. i feel silly commenting on similar tastes at this point, ha!


  3. o_lightning says:

    Your welcome lux! It is rare to meet someone whose tastes sync up so nicely! Yay! xox

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