What’s Next: New Moon in Gemini/Mars in Motion


Taurus Moon, Sun in Gemini, today May 26th.

Hurry up and Wait!
Start and STOP.

Let’s go! Slooow

New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, for a beautiful blurry fresh start,
The start of a dream?

Please let it be real,
we could all use a little serendipity at this juncture.

It’s not impossible that it will come together,
but when you sell your cow for magic beans,
you know there is a giant to fight somewhere down the line…

Sooner than Later.

Venus into Taurus on Thursday
Mercury in to Crab.

Eat what makes you feel loved, and arrange some flowers on your side table.
The connections you’ve made are going to carry you through,
with a little kindness, and a listening ear.

The message that changes everything will be delivered,
but you have time yet to feel the tremors before the epic quake.

Mercury retrogrades @ 3 degrees Crab, she only dips her toes in the ocean before she remembers she is going to need her brain to take care of all the details.
It’s July when Mercury is direct at 24 Gemini

Merc trines the North Node now,
and then again for the last week of June,
Still within a degree for the first week of July.

You get a chance to make it right, to find out what you need to know.
I don’t think so, but the hand of fate is at work.

Grand Water Trine in Full effect: Chiron/Jupiter/Saturn
It’s not the easy way out that brings us into the future,

An awkward opportunity,
those limitations actually take us where we are going…

Held back by past commitments… that’s the way the doors open:
sideways with a twist
or even:

moved ahead due to the need to make alliances we would otherwise scorn.

It’s hardball played with a smile,
and then again, it’s also patience,
acute timing and an opportunity engineered by necessity

Necessity is going to prove that she IS the mother of invention now,
tho you can’t stop a sand castle from melting into the sea:
You’ll know you have chosen right because the results feel unexpected,
& unexpectedly enacted.

New: You have never been here before:
Is it wrong to link this?!? Oh probably!! Cardinal Grand WHAT?!?!

Super Big Shout out to all the people I met with in California!

So very happy. <3 Love YOU!!! XoX

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