whatcha makin’?

Wouldn’t you like to know how to make it?

Oh what’s that you already know!? Will you tell me? Just kidding!
I can make it ! I’m making it! Let’s make it!

Thanks John Lee!!!

As the man says in the end of that famous scene in True Romance with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper “Hey Boss, get ready to be happy.”

So insanely cute and amazing! The smile is stretched out over my face Y’all.
I wish somebody would put on that kind of show nowadays…
Or I wish they would do it on stage anyway

I think dancing is relaxing and grounding,

especially to The Hardest Working Taurus Ever!

Moon’s in Aries today.

Uranus turns direct on Friday, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini to follow!


That’s a Lunar Eclipse On the South Node in Gemini, Kittens.

Is your past going to catch up to you?
Your siblings, childhood pals,
What you said….
Deep truth about your double life?
Who comes with you into the future?
Could that be a good thing?

What are you up to? Are you?

Cracking Up Just Laughing…
Oh we are all up to something!

How’s that something going to turn out?
Look Forward Move Forward Be Forward

Lets Keep DANCING!!!

I’m gonna dance in between all the other things I have to do



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