What should I say?!


Mercury in Pisces, that inexplicable magic that feeds the soul,
or that vague vapor of mixed messages, a swirling heap of heartfelt contradiction…?

Mercury in Pisces always seems a little bit lonely,
in touch with something that is so hard to transmit,
the highest heights…
…and yet when it happens, it feels magic,
the whole of an audience and performer as one,
or you meet your sweetheart in a dream, and you’re not even sleeping,
they know what you are thinking, they feel it, whole, complete.

Mercury is Retrograde and today it’s in aspect to:
the Sun, Venus, Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto,
all in Pisces, Gemini, and Scorpio, and Capricorn, respectively,

It’s a good time to find out if we are getting across,
and how we are understood, to vibe out where our inspiration comes from,
and what would be most helpful to others.

As you restructure your communication, be a receptive listener,
Pisces really excels at this,
listening between the lines, to the silences and sighs, can take you a long way.

Saturn and Pluto sextile in mutual reception,
while Mars hits up the North Node in Scorpio.
This is going to help us retain what ever we learn, to grasp hold of it, and use it! Real changes, ones that don’t just float way with the morning light or get tossed like yesterdays paper.
Let’s look around this week, while things are still dreamy.
Our visions are potent, and deserve respect!


On that note!
Whatever I write about, as soon as it’s published, I immediately feel I should have chosen a different topic! Is this like, Libra Disease?! Or Gemini? Could it be Pisces… or even Virgo… like a guilt thing??!

I definitely have Libra Disease in restaurants, and have been mistaken for a Libra on more than one occasion. Not only can I not decide what it is I would like to have, I solve this problem by ordering the favorite dish of someone who is not even present, and who will never taste it, then I spend the rest of the meal wondering, hopelessly, and cluelessly, as in without ANY conclusion, if I like it.
Actually, a Libra would probably know if they like it, just not if they should order it! hahaha


Do you have a favorite thing for me to write about?

Right now entertaining all random and possible suggestions!

Do you like the long or short posts better?

Do you wish I was bossier,
or should I just put a sock in it, and describe the astro-weather?

Is variety really the spice of life?

Do you want to hear more about any one particular thing?

More videos?

Basic mechanics, or slanted more to planet aspects and dynamics?

Talk to me, please?

Should I bring back some short form of questions and answers,
like from way back, where you can send in something and ask?

Tell me in the comments!



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14 Responses to What should I say?!

  1. Michael says:

    Virgo sun here, so I like analysis of the current transits and aspects, the “astro-weather” as you call it. I like your insights into how multiple aspects going on at the same time interact, there’s more layers than your typical daily horoscope provides and I think that’s great. I have a slight preference the condensed posts over the long ones, and I don’t tend to watch the videos, they take too long to load.

    I really like the intuitive way you link different things and the unique ways you describe what’s going on, the more outrageous sounding the better!

  2. christamonster says:

    I loved your “libra disease” rambling. It made me laugh. Yay!

  3. Astrocat says:

    I really love your ramblings as is. Sometimes they are a bit too long for me to fully absorb .. sometimes they are so short I feel a little disappointed that there wasn’t more. But I really really like it when you psychically write about exactly what is going on in my life and how to understand and navigate it better. So please keep that up. Other things I like are when you post a song by a band that I love. I like your video ramblings too, altho they tend to be more confusing than your writings. Mostly I feel that your daily blog is simply the best astrology blog in existence, so why let a little self doubt or self confusion get in the way of what is already pretty much totally awesome!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hahaha I love the ramblings, the pics, and the songs because they paint a broader picture. I totally get that Libran confusion and Virgo guilt overanalyzing everything else I could’ve said! Man, I’ve been there, I am there, and I can’t make up my mind so I need variety. I dig your astro daily weather insights because you really do have a knack for saying exactly what I’m experiencing even if it’s only one ingredient in the pie. If the post is a bit long, people can skim and savor the bits that speak to them. When the posts are short I feel like I’m missing something and want more (like fun size candy – ok im hungry). I prefer your Neptune themed postings but ugh later today I’ll probably be thinking about Mercury and Saturn or how I don’t know much about Uranus.

    Random but It would cool if once in a while you had a music or movie hangout/discussion. If people felt like sharing their astro themed movies or songs that reminded them of the season, the weather, or they just really wanted to play that song/vid it could be fun.

  5. o_lightning says:

    Thanks for writing in Michael, christamonster, Astrocat, and Charlotte! I really appreciate it!
    I’ll try to keep up a little of everything for everyone, and attempt MORE focus when I am doing the videos, and over all. I do like challenges, and that is a challenge! haha! Thank you all so much for your kind words!
    Charlotte, I think it would be fun to have a hangout, feel free to start one in the comments, anytime, I think you can post video’s down here, although I have not tried. Lots of love! xox

  6. Tam says:

    I like it just the way it is <3

  7. o_lightning says:

    Awww! Thanks Tam! xoxo

  8. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Me too – I can’t think what to change, it’s always surprising, new and inspiring. When you said you were bossy in a video I didn’t notice! It was probably one notch over towards Saturn from Neptune! But to a Neptunian that would feel a lot! Maybe this blog is Neptunian in essence and that’s why I like it, always lots of culture, poetry and amazing images and new bands which help explain the energy of the current astrological moment. I often download the pictures or save the videos in my bookmarks..just amazing finds. As a ‘feeler’ lol I find your way of expressing astrology suits me because you aim to capture the vibes/energies/feelings and I prefer that to a lot of technical info as I can then relate it to what I find in the world. But nice to know what is moving around up there, but feeling it is the main thing. I really like your own videos too and sometimes when you talk about your life – like the day you shot hoops and drove around, that was a special post. Hope that helps…I must catch up on the recent posts!! xoxo

  9. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sophiepiscesmoon, Thanks So MUCH for your feedback! I’m so happy you like it! I’ll keep on it, to make this place the best it can be. I’m so happy everyone is here. <3 xox

  10. Ruby says:

    Like about 2 months ago, the first time I realized how awesome you are, I had been reading your blog for like 3 or 4 days only and
    you posted a video about some pisces stuff. I don’t recall what it was
    but you said something that just really struck me as being so insightful and
    accurate and I was just amazed. After that I paid more attention to
    what you were writing in your posts because after watching the video I
    understood more about who you were and how you communicate.
    So, what I am trying to say is: more videos, yes sure. But just keep doing what you are doing. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the pics, your taste
    in music is impeccable, you have a killer sense of humor, and I love your writing style. When I read your posts its like I’m listening to a dream. That sounds corny maybe… At first read I felt like some of what you were saying was
    vague or ramble-y but now I understand. Somehow you can manage to say
    nothing and say everything at the same time, and quite accurately. I feel like you obviously have a gift, you have this sensitivity and intuition that goes way beyond the astro. Its perfect. Focus schmocus.
    I read a few other blogs but I always save yours for last.
    I don’t feel like you are trying to write for anybody, but you just write
    from your heart and put all of your self into it. Your
    advice is always caring and loving, it helps me to interpret things and
    to go about my day with a soft open heart no matter what is happening around
    me. I really appreciate that.

  11. o_lightning says:

    Hey Ruby,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write! I hardly know what to say. What a kind and thoughtful letter! It is the ultimate treat as a writer to know that someone is enjoying reading. Very touching. I’m grateful and lucky. Thank You. <3

  12. o_lightning says:

    I was just thinking… would it be alright with all, or some of you who wrote in, to be quoted on the “what you say” or “about” page? It might be nice to add something about the blog itself. Let me know if that sounds alright to you. Ok? Thanks So Much, Omie

  13. Ruby says:

    Of course! That would be awesome.

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