What Happens in May 2017 ?

bouquet-36x48-webres James Jean, of course!
Whiterabbit whiterabbit!

I had a dream I lay down in a swamp, and floated away to another city.
As I lay in the current, I drifted off, and when I awoke (within my dream,) my head was itching fiercely. Blood was pouring down my face, stinging my eyes. I climbed out of the swamp, still scratching my scalp to ribbons, only to find I had grown giant bunny ears, and the blood was as a stag growing antlers. My bunny ears had pushed right through. I wadded back in, to rinse my face and hands, then as I stretched out in the silty water, the current began again to carry me off, until at last, sleeping and dreaming for who knows how long, I opened my eyes, ankle deep, by the side of a bridge. The swamp had shrunk to a reedy mud puddle, and I was a bunny girl on the outskirts of a foreign city, far from home.

Venus has moved past Chiron at the tail end of Pisces. Whew! She is at 1 degree Aries, and within a reasonable sextile to Gemini Mars at 6 degrees.

Mercury hovers at 24 Aries, Uranus is at 25, Saturn is at 26 Sagittarius. There’s about to be a Grand Fire Trine next week, along with a Scorpio Full Moon, as the North Node moves to Leo.

Now, it’s all about that Mercury.
Information is the name of the game, AND the game it’s self. Do you suddenly have any good ideas?! The North Node is vibrating the hell out of 0 Virgo. Everything that comes up could have real life impact. No theoretical debate is relevant. It’s all real world implications.

We are within the realm of our Mercury storm, collecting, assembling, and assessing information to be used, and used potently once Merc goes direct on the evening of the May 3rd. You may want to give it a day to shake out, its hard to hit a moving target. Stay FLEXIBLE.

Pluto Strengthens the Sun, Saturn’s influence is beneficial here. What happens is about long term massive structural changes, but don’t count on concrete specifics until Mercury leaves Uranus, well into the middle of the month. In other words: Think on your feet! Roll with it.

Not everyone’s life will alter drastically, after all, how could it? This is Fire biz, so people with late degree Fire and Air signs benefit more than those without, but it will impact society on a collective level as well, make no mistake!

For the changes May brings cliches do it best:

Wildly unpredictable,
Enormous capacity for growth,
Unique and drastic paradigm shifts are yours for the taking!

Does it sound like I’m selling you a pyramid scheme?
I possibly am! kidding!!!
Or will you sell it yourself?!

If you want a change you can have one, provided you do the work
If you don’t want a change you might have one anyway, and because of this, we all need to bring our A-game.

We have finally arrived at the exciting part of 2017!
You can look back here at the overview if you like:Astrological 2017

On May 9 2017, just before the massive Full Moon in Scorpio, the Nodes of the Moon move from being North Node Virgo/South Pisces, to North Node Leo/South Node Aquarius.

How do you use your genius to expand your creative success and sparkle?
How does your individuality fuel your creativity?
Follow your own path.

We have nearly 6 months of a North Node/Saturn/Uranus Fire Trine to tap into.
If you have been longing for a real permanent change, that takes you ahead, you WILL have the chance to make your move. Plan well, work hard, and leap with multiple contingency plans. Here is where your airplane takes more than tiny puddle jumps. You really get it off the ground!


As it turns out, Saturn is beautiful, take a look!

May is where you get unstuck if you were sticking, and get some traction (and some shocks!) while you build your empire if you were already kicking @ss.

With Mercury stationing on Uranus this week, expect all sorts of surprise information. AND what YOU say may be someone else’s surprise! Disconnections, sudden re-connections. It’s ELECTRIC!


We will have this Grand Fire Trine from May 10- November 15.

That’s a long time to be helpfully guided as we work toward our goals. Fire is all about BELIEF. Can you believe in yourself? I know I know, in what capacity??! lol! How about in what you are doing, your ability to focus on and accomplish your goals?

Are these goals, YOUR GOALS something worth believing in?
If they are, use that to find your faith.

Fate lends a hand here, setting up your challenges or delivering the landscape you will labor within. If you have been frustrated with the pace of the last two years, or have felt yourself being squeezed to death, or hung out to dry, by the late degrees of Saturn in Sag, this configuration opens the window.

Not to escape Saturn’s rigors. Oh No.No.NO WAY. Saturn is retrograde, and He will insist you finish what you started. BUT, the window lets in the breeze, the breeze carries in the birdsong. The birdsong reminds you of when you learned to whistle, whistling makes you think to call your uncle who is the best whistler in the family, and your uncle has life changing NEWS for you!

Love YOU!!!!


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