Weekend of the 21st of February


Scorpio Moon/Saturn
Pisces Sun/Neptune

How have you wound up in this corner, with obligations that pin you in place, while you are melting?

You can’t pin an evaporated cup of tea,
the water has boiled too long,
what are we now, a mist?


Sagittarius Moon on Saturday,
it breathes some scattery life into our dreams…
Wake up.


By Sunday you have something you can talk about,
it’s the big picture, what do the gods have in mind?

On a micro scale of activity, it’s time to be gentle,
with yourself especially.

Great weekend for movies, and daydreams, imagine you are traveling,
where would you go?

Don’t push things to their ‘obvious’ conclusions…
nothing is obvious right now,
let it morph.

Could you receive some high up transmissions,
some thoughts or wordless experience that opens a new way?


Could people be deluded for good or ill…
promise more than they will deliver, or ride the self pity train straight to…
gosh, wherev on earth it goes…

yes again.

Work with what you find, to the extent you are interested,
as in a dream, how you would pick up a trombone and start making a phone call,
or realize you are somehow upstairs in a room that opens into a garden…

Freely regard what you come across now as symbolic, as a vague multilayered oracle where where simultaneous and mutually exclusive ideas co-exist.

Let it happen.

Love YOU!!!


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