Weekend November 4-6, 2016




Venus trines Uranus today and squares Chiron, could be a lucky break that hurts!

A zing of sweet excitement or opportunity that reminds you of what you have had to do to get it!
Opening a door so caked with rust, we can’t say it only feels good, aren’t there other feelings involved as well?

Authenticity is an undertone, imperfections that surprise as they seduce.
Achievement is it’s own deep liberation, provided humility and generosity round out the picture.

Could it be hearing the door slam shut, watching the shoes drop for real, that allows you to finally turn your attention elsewhere? Catching up to speed now, shedding extra baggage and looking ahead.


Aries to Sagittarius, where and when you need it.
What would it look like to start something new?
New money, new biz, a roll in hay?

The Moon is in Capricorn heading for Pluto and Mars,
you have to be your own parent, and in the case of Sagittarius, your own livestock, or pet horse!
No running free, no unedited blurting, whining, or fretting, at least not out loud.

All that may happen, and you can certainly forgive them, or yourself. The urgency that comes through over the weekend is the paradigm buster sort, it’s no good without the self control to make use of it. Don’t piss on someone and tell them it’s raining, not even if you are selling umbrellas!


When Jupiter is ruled by Libra, and Venus is in Sagittarius, mutual reception supports the notion of justice, of fair play,
with Mars in Cap, & Merc in Scorpio the one who loses their temper loses the fight. *Sensitivity/reactionary words could tip your hand to show your weakness, and that’s not what you want to show right now.
Find a work-around. Chin up, easy stride walking the balance beam, look in the direction you want to go.

With Cap. Moon and the Sun/Merc in Scorpio your emotional landscape is private, and the security you need to maintain is best protected by a by a passionate involvement with your own cause, a commitment to the overall health of the organism, and a closed mouth smile, as you, or someone you have delegated pulls strings elsewhere, and/or listens intently. Information is on offer and a resolution may be at hand.

Love YOU!!!!


* of course sensitivity doesn’t mean weakness! But the more you defend yourself from imagined threats, the more you weaken your position. Work from a place of strength!


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