Weekend March 6, 2015


Cardinal T-Square over the weekend.

Libra Moon/North Node, square Pluto in Cap,
opposition an Aries South Node/Mars/Uranus/Venus sandwich.


The God of War, trining the God of Opportunity
You wanna catch a fish?


Pisces Sun conjunct Chiron sextile Pluto adding some depth to our destiny.
Jupiter is backward, so we may pick up where we left off long ago,
or where we should have gone in the first place. 😉


A course correction?


There is plenty of DRAMA for them that needs it
(or wants it)

Great sky for making it!

Sex, Love,
or the both of them!

Oh yeah, I totally did post Roberta Flack.

Key Word?


Even in the worst of it,
Gratitude, Patience, Love.
Not that you will automatically feel it…

More that it helps immeasurably to find your way to those feelings,
those centers of release and relief:

Gratitude, Patience, Love.

So Umm…

Actually it’s fine to cry… Day time, night time, anytime

Love YOU!!!


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  1. <3 Roberta Flack so much!!! xoxo

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