Weekend Astro and a peek at the Full Moon Eclipse


Gotta live it to believe it?
Aquarius Moon trine the Libra Sun and Venus,
Consequences right around the corner.


Mercury retro already in full affect.

It’s easy enough to get along, especially in the service of a higher cause.
But there will be missteps and missed communication.

Do you do this?

Is it wrong that this song seems as inept as it is infectious?
Perhaps the idea is that you can’t play it right,
but it’s going to play out regardless,
probably inexplicably to your benefit whether it seems so at the time or not.

listen open minded,

Watch your assumptions, double check, temper, temper…
assume the best.
Use your sweetness to catch what you need.

* * *


Strange weekend before us,
Aquarius Moon, moving to Pisces where she conjuncts Neptune
and trines that retro-Mercury.
The dream of a do over?
Do we believe the messages we are told from the people we used to know?

The Full Moon Eclipse on the 8th looks, not like a gentle nudge,
it’s more of a shove.

It reminds me of a moment with someone I used to love,
turning to them with the words

~I love you like a house on fire~

There is plenty to love about the Full Moon on October 8th:
Venus at home in Libra and close to the Sun,
Grand Fire Trine, Saturn trine Chiron,
but it comes with visceral shocks.

~Knock Knock~ says destiny, no joke no doubt.

Cardinal-T Square: Aries Moon/Uranus/
Capricorn Pluto/Libra Sun/Venus/North Node.

Fire Earth and Air, aimed at our emotions,
good thing Crabs are tough.

We leave home, & the place we thought we knew, looks back at us

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Weekend Astro and a peek at the Full Moon Eclipse

  1. Charlotte says:

    My emotions are spilling out. Soft-shelled crab time. For some reason over the past few days I’ve entered a new phase where I can’t stop thinking about an old flame who I thought was supposed to be my savior. That relationship seemed to live on the aries/libra axis. I was codependent, he was determined to stay independent unless it meant feeling alone which is very different from being alone.

    I thought he was my missing piece but thanks to mercury retrograde I’m revisiting that idea and realizing that he didn’t love me. Every venus-neptune hopelessly optimistic thought I had of him was crushed and that was the most consistent thing he did in the 6 years I’ve known him. And honestly I had been using him as a reflection of my worth. I wanted to believe he worshipped me and his every action was about me and we had some epic connection that cured the chiron laser pointing into my moon-uranus. My 8th house needs clearing out. Aries moon I’m counting on you. Fire is purifying in its own way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1RjNhga3i0

    It’s so strange and different to get over a relationship with a sociopath. He was so completely convincing and he didn’t look particularly alien. He carefully crafted his actions so he wasn’t seen as the outsider he said he felt he was. I thought his emotions made him empathetic when really they made him strategic. Venus-neptune, venus-pluto, I see someones darkness and I mistake it for a light that isn’t on yet. I certainly was a house on fire for him because I believed with my whole being that he was the home I had been looking for. I’m still amazed I walked away so easily after last years Libra new moon.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks for writing! Sometimes I feel like relationships are never really “got over”. They just lie dormant, like a volcano that seems dead. No smoke, no fire. Then one day the wind blows wrong and they are sending sooty ashes all over town.

      Nothing better for understanding yourself, even/or especially the worst ones are extremely clarifying. Glad to hear you walked away. You do absolutely deserve to be loved by someone capable of genuine emotion. <3 xoxox
      thanks for the fire video! I loved that!

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