Week of September 30, New Moon in Libra


I’m just about ready to kick September in the nuts and fly out of town!

But you know what? It’s not gunna happen like that!
September is gone, and here comes something else!
A challenge, a chance to excel at the art of experience.

what does that mean… I’ll explicate!

I made you a video for the GINORMUS New Moon in Libra October 4th

This time I use Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.
Chiron is great for accepting reality as is, warts and all!
Not only accepting it, but embracing it! Using it creatively!
It’s a tremendous support to all those Scorpio planets, and a place on which to lean,
in the midst of a very busy Cardinal week.

When do things get back to normal?
How about never?
Or, errr… 2016?

this week:
Mercury in Scorpio
Mars continues to pursue Venus,
Cardinal T-Square all week long: Uranus Squares Pluto, and Libra Steps in.

First the Libra Sun exactly Squares Pluto (a look at the face of power)
the Libra Sun exactly Opposes Uranus (surprise, or perhaps that last straw snaps!)

A New Moon = A New Start
This one has a fast moving Mercury already conjunct the north node.
Whatever information comes to light, it’s bringing us into the next level.
Look, don’t look away.


Libra is relationships. Partnership.
Of all kinds,
it could be your relationship to your education, your family, love, or really anything,
Where the New Moon falls in your chart will describe the territory.

As you look at what is happening,
align yourself with beauty inherent in justice.
Don’t let anyone cut you off from your capacity to act with charm and grace under shocks and pressure.

Embrace these revolutions
as you give birth to yourself, and to the process of remaking your life.

I’ll make a little argument with my own video!
I do think sometimes you have to ask ~why is this happening?~
If you really mean that.
Uncovering the why’s is a valuable part of the exercise.
Especially with Mercury in Scorpio!
It’s just that it’s not a rhetorical question!

This is a very bold New Moon!
It is bound to end and create some radical alliances.
It’s very decisive for a Libra! (haha!)

Libra is a Cardinal Masculine sign concerned with fairness, balance,
justice, and harmony, which is another way to describe the beautiful.

In relation to Scorpio Mercury,
Ethical Questions Come Up!
what kind of revolution? an ethical revolution.

We will have an extended run of Mars in Libra, from December 8th, 2013,
through July 25, 2014. That’s a lot of Libra Mars!
Mars in the activator! He will go over and over (retro) this fertile territory.
The signatures, the stamps, the imprints we make this week are potent!

Keep in mind,
that the North Node will be keeping Mars company in Libra
from mid-February 2014.

Librasville! It’s where we are going!

Love YOU!!!


with all this Scorpio, & Jupiter in Crab,
some Taurus and Cancer people are going to make babies,
if they haven’t already! believe it!

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2 Responses to Week of September 30, New Moon in Libra

  1. Tam says:

    “There’s no sense in arguing with reality” Awesome! So true.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hihihi Tam, thanks for writing!!! Honestly, I tell myself this sort of thing all the time. That everything is exactly happening correctly. It does my virgo a world of good, to hear it, when things are absurd/insane. xoxox

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