Week of September 23, 2013 & Beyond


Equinox. Sun in Libra

Oh Look! I got you something!
Pluto Direct
Click the link and use your cursor.
You’ll never never guess what it is.

At best we have sorted through our love and money, to know where we stand.

At worst, we have Pluto poisoning
Pluto rarely functions with the grace I would wish from it.
The results may even be a little slow coming in, or being understood.
Saturn slows it all down, makes you wait for it, makes it real.

Pluto can be serious bonding, or just when your lizard brain takes over,
abuse of power, toxic relations, or a mix of all of the above.

Tangled emotional threads are a specialty,
underlying even the most blatant scenarios.


There may be a certain amount of ugliness that it’s hard to see or un-see,
and hard to look away.
Passion is irrational, the drive to feel, to feel anything, everything,
then, burnt to a crisp, drowned in a lake of fire, nothing at all.

Or is it just that when you have Neptune as a life coach,
the places you find yourself, are, to use a Pluto word, unfathomable.

No matter
Doors click open and shut, a Saturn/Pluto specialty

Venus in Scorpio is never with out a push/pull dynamic.
it doesn’t have to be love/hate, although it can be.
In and out, you could think of sex, I always think of breathing,
or the beat of your heart which contracts and expands.
That spark that keeps you alive, even when everything else has died.

However we feel about it: Results.

Relationships, don’t have the harmony Libra would wish for,
you have to work at it, and use Chiron to help you
but for goodness sake, no beating a dead horse.

Scorpio Venus squares Leo Mars, and trines Chiron.
lots of potential energy tied up in that one.
Frustration, interaction, try not to have a stand off,
it’s better to engage if you can do it well.
Fairly. (libra)
No use jumping into a lion’s den with a point to prove howevz,
With Scorpio Venus trine Jupiter in Crab beginning to apply.
Lots of pressure on Saturn/North Node, even still.

Friction. When in doubt, use the bottom line to guide you.
No wishful thinking.

It may be possible to suddenly clear up longstanding difficulties
Libra negotiates, with both the Sun and Mercury there,
use this time to act with fairness.
Simplicity and Logic work best.

We have some nice moments this week,
Venus trines Jupiter,
while the Sun is inconjunct Neptune,
is that a blind spot, or a vision?

The Moon in Gemini Tuesday/Wednesday supports Libra,
then the Moon in Crab, runs into Jupiter,
and yes, first it makes a Cardinal T-Square on Friday.
Watch out Libras, use your power

That Venus/Mars Square perfects on Saturday,
with Moon/Jupiter in Crab to trine Venus.
Saturday is kind of massive! Pencil it in.
Mercury in to Scorpio, Sunday the 29th.

Uranus inconjunct Saturn, bold changes to the structure ?
A sudden re-framing of experience?
This perfects on October 1st, as the Sun Squares Pluto, yeah.
Cardinal T-Squares just keep on coming.
New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus/square Pluto on October 4th.

October is huge.
Eclipse Season.
November is all up in it as well.
These are our times!

Libra continues to emphasize relationships of all sorts,
including legal.

No shortage of things to think about this week.

Love YOU!!!


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