Week of September 16: Pluto Direct, Scorpio Party, Pisces Full Moon


We make the lives we want, out of the lives we have.

I doubt a rescue boat will be sent out on the Pisces Full Moon.
You’ll still wake up with your hands on your same wrists,
if you are lucky enough to have hands.
The power and potential we see in this, for decisive revelation, or culmination,
will be born out of the work you do or do not, (as yoda would have it)
Out of what you have or haven’t done.

Pisces is the end that begins, a place of miracles and mystery.
Scorpio has an affinity for absolutes.

Those fish may swim in both directions, but a Scorpion’s sting, is unmistakeable.
It costs them so much to make the venom, they are loathe to waste it.

Sacrifice and commitment are encoded in this weeks process.

Letting go of externally driven dreams or limitations,
of people, places, things, concepts, jobs…

The bottom line, the reality of your situation,
whether blissful, wretched, très ordinaire, or just complex,
will soon be making an appearance.

Opening up to the truth of whatever drives you,
where you are most deeply and profoundly moved,
that’s your job this week.
Allowing some space to be awakened, no pretense will suffice.

~Awareness of the divine begins with wonder… The greatest hindrance to such awareness is our adjustment to conventional notions, to mental cliches. Wonder or radical amazement, the state of maladjustment to words and notions, is therefore a prerequisite for an authentic awareness of that which is. –Abraham Joshua Heschel~

It’s always better to know the shape of the landscapes we navigate,
to know, where and with whom we travel,
or if we go alone.

Even as the future opens up unknowably vast.
Even as doors close around you, and fear locks your heart tight.

That is where Pisces comes in: freedom in prison.
Though you may see your bars plain as day, this fish can not be caught.

As you move through your week, remember,
all of us have NO responsibility to keep being who we have been!

In fact more than ever, (uranus sq. pluto) our mandate is to be who must be,
indeed who we truly are, unedited, incomplete, heroic: honest.
Our deepest, bravest, best selves.

to give to others (virgo, pisces) to help where and when we can

We will be held accountable for our past mistakes, Saturn makes certain there!
but not held to repeat them.
Make everything right that you can make right.
Life is Change.
This week, with Mercury in Libra, Talking and Listening continues.

Trust is so big in this line up,
trusting with eyes wide open, and trust in yourself.

This song has killed me for years! It’s the anti-lesson!
Don’t do it!

Nothing is worth blindness! Look, See, Relax, Release.

Connect to your source:

Love YOU!!!

By Sunday, Virgo is over! Yes, that fast!

It’s Libra time then.
Bonding, negotiations, legal issues,
independence versus co-dependance

We will have all that and more with Pluto direct to guide us!



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