Week of October 3, 2016

~ People think of education as something they can finish.

-Isaac Asimov ~

When a man falls in love with a piano, he gives up an awful lot,
doesn’t he?
And he gives it up because there is so much to gain.

A musician and an instrument make a pair, even if the instrument has no choice.
A prisoner and a guard, master and slave, a mother and child, a surgeon and patient, an artist and an audience, a pair of lovers, prosecution and defense lawyers, a marriage.

Are dusk and dawn a collaboration between day and night?

Inequities do not prevent partnership, but as we will see with Jupiter in Libra, a strong interest in just alliances has recently arrived.

Let’s set our intentions wide as sunset,
this is a beautiful moment to affirm respect for all life.

As we begin to take a deeper look at our relationships,
consider the various roles of letting go, negotiating, and trusting in our journey.

What is the nature of a pair?

How do two sets of childhood patterns fit together?
And if they fit well, is there hope for growth?

What does it mean to open up to the best possible outcome?

The Scorpio Moon today is conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto,
while the Sun and Jupiter square Mars and Pluto,





Did the New Moon in Libra give you the strength to wake up to who,

what, where, when, and how you connect with others?

How you see and are seen,
does having a witness change behavior?
How could it not?

Did you find a mirror and a promise to the one you will go home with every time?*

Where do you see a disconnect?

What will you give yourself?
What kinds of marriages have you made and what are the terms?

Over the week the Libra Sun moves into a square with Mars/Pluto,
something of a bomb set to detonate on Friday/Saturday.

Saturn squares the Nodes, with Neptune still close to the South Node,
fate arrives and you can feel it.

There is no way to unspill milk, the lure of past involvements come with speedy reprisals, those snakes do exactly bite the hand that feeds them. YES THEY DO.

We are finally moving on

Scorpio Venus has deep hungry desires.
Mercury enters Libra on Friday.
He plots his mission.

Key Word:

Libra is a masculine Cardinal sign concerned with Status, Fair Play, Beauty.

Libra works to achieve goals indirectly, their happiest win is a win for both sides,
because, among other reasons, here bitterness carries shame.

Libra is an Air sign and Air will elevate the conversation,
no matter how dark the subject matter.

We are making deals, compromises and alliances.
Power struggles are there for the taking.
The way to win is with poise.

I’d wager you learned a lot over the weekend about where to place your bets.
Not that all answers are in, but no doubt this round of personal demon/history/pattern confrontation was a gift to your evolution,
AND along the way if you have been shaking the tree, maybe a few apples hit the ground not too far from your feet.


Let’s celebrate our survival, our recognition, our success!
As well as a renewed commitment to internal (**and perhaps interpersonal) honesty.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, though with Libra it may be polite
as the kids say: stay woke.

It’s an active goal oriented week.
Already our lives become more social, busier, and open to change.
No more hiding like a Virgo mouse in the mouse house.
We ask, try, begin.

Jupiter in Libra has had it’s true launch finally with our New Moon on the 30th, the bottle is broken and the champagne drips from the hull, our voyages are relationships.

There are people to talk to, steps to take.
Working with Saturn in Sagittarius,
Mercury’s move to Libra on Friday will begin to ask the big, (right) questions.
She will be ruled by that Capricorn Mars.
It’s all machinations, once the balls start rolling, everything/everyone begins to move.

Love YOU!!!



Libras: with Jupiter in your sign, this is your year!
Doors will OPEN, some with a fight and to unexpected worthwhile destinations.
TO learn more about Libra click
HERE for a little love song from the archives
* I mean YOU of course!
** Libra is all in the strategy, so sometimes she shares and sometimes not.
Triangulate much tho? 100%

was there ever life on Venus?

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