Week of October 19, 2015


Moon/Pluto today, but we are the better for it.
Riches that accumulate through experience.

Take a little breather,




Libra Mercury is entering the shock zone over the next few days.

You are likely to be asked to do things you don’t want to by people with influence in your life.

You may also find people you don’t want to listen to, telling you things you don’t want to hear. And you do hear them.
Repeatedly, & out of the blue.

all information is useful
or is it?

Do you have a frosty little smile you could press into service?
How about a warm disarming one?

by Tuesday night the Aquarius Moon makes it easier.

Detach. Observe.
Don’t decide ahead of time and craft your data to fit your hypothesis.
Go full scientist, and see what you see.

By Friday Scorpio Sun and a Pisces Moon.
Tuned in.

Mouth shut and ears open is a perfectly acceptable response this week.
Then, too, no reason not to say what you think,
provided you’ll listen to what comes after it.

As you know, the reflection of your character is not the way you are treated,
but the way you treat others.

Stay cool, keep warm.

Love YOU!!!



you know it!

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