Week of November 11, 2013

Mercury is direct now.
We can stop wondering if, you know,

Messages are sent and received, though it’s still a little logy.
Virgo Mars is suddenly empowered,

Monday/Tuesday = Pisces Moon, Mercury trine Neptune
Popeye probably had Mars in Virgo, I mean, strong when he eats his spinach?
When he eats his SPINACH?!
That’s Virgo talking. Plus Virgo Mars loves a crisis!

The sky this week is both harsh and generous.

Crab Jupiter trines the Scorpio Sun
Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries,
As our energetics multiply toward a Full Moon in Taurus.
Neptune stations direct on Wednesday,
while the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus kicks sh*t into high gear.

What does all that mean?
The end of illusions and forward march?


Neptune such a player,
the sky so resolutely Earth and Water,
feel your way forward, keep an eye on the facts.
razzle dazzle?

no. no.
Higher calling

Venus/Pluto can bring back old loves,
or (likely) we may find ourselves dealing with issues of love, money, and power
with people we have already been struggling with for some time.


The upside is we may get somewhere. Progress is absolutely an option.
If only it were that simple! I’ll have the progress, thanks for asking!
It’s a tango!

The sky is busy, it’s dramatic, and it’s deep!
would it be more clear to say: We are Busy, we are Dramatic, and we are Deep?
Decisions. Some we have already made but don’t even realize it yet.

We don’t want to be held back,
and it takes some fancy footwork to get where we are going.
The devil is right here in our details

all the same,
a little sun a little rain and our seeds begin to sprout!
Scorpio Solar Eclipse Activate!

In different ways Uranus and Pluto contribute to a High Chaos Factor all week,
although the Pisces Moon on Monday starts us nice and slow.
Tenuous relationships may end,
Risks both sweet and bitter are there for the taking

Most people know what they are dealing with now,
even if not completely how to deal.
Jupiter in Crab adds ethics thanks goodness! <3 Having endured the Scorpio Mercury Rethink for Intimacy Entanglements, We are right back HERE.
We learned that there are no shortcuts, and no available back alleys.
The only way out is through the front door.


Mercury journeys to the North Node,
They’ll collide the 18th, that’s the day after our Taurus Full Moon!
The Full Moon in Taurus underscores the whole shebang

For a good time just call Taurus,
they will get you cozy socks and a nice bowl of soup!

There is plenty going for this lunation,
I’ll write about that and Neptune Direct as we go on…

For today’s Moon in Pisces and Mars in Virgo:
The big picture in the small picture

Love YOU!!!


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