Week of May 5th, 2014


Some things gonna sink, & some float now!

Choose the winning team, the right horse to bet on…
Should be easy to pick after Merc./Saturn,

Even if what we choose won’t last forever.


There is a provisional vibe to the proceedings,
even as major choices slip by, set in stone, for good and all.

special prize, worst name for a great band: dr dog!

Mercury is speedy now!
Convos connections and new constructions…
He’ll be in Gemini on Wednesday!


How you gonna rub those sticks together and make a little extra change?
Gemini Mercury wants to help you, those connections can be win/win.

Open up, to rework the dynamics, everyone is scared on some level,
the new is frightening and exhilarating!
Plenty of kinks for all.

How to integrate the new to the life you have already been leading?
While ~the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune~ continue unabated.

There is a chance there for you, an opening,
likely more than one.
Jupiter in Crab isn’t taunting you, you DO get to walk through the door,
it’s just that you’ll only move on your own steam.

No automatic locomotion.
This is a man powered operation,
the more you do, the more you did.

Fortune favors the bold, with a caveat:
You do still have to finesse it, & LISTEN.


Mercury Squares Neptune by the weekend,
with The Moon conjunct Libra Mars in the Cardinal Cross.

That’s not easy!
Who get’s blamed for what, and where is the tipping point?

Chiron Jupiter Saturn: Grand Water Trine to tune in to.

A wholesome balance of growth and healing, of reworking the rules that have already been made, to bring us in to the future.

To Protect and Serve?
Well, honestly something quite like that. lolz

A little common sense or a look at the big picture is going to help here…
A change we need… a change we shall have…

Chin up, and keep dancing…
Experience as much JOY as possible

the Moon is nearly in LEO!

Love YOU!!!


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