Week of March 23, Aquarius Venus squares Scorpio Saturn, Mercury in a Neptune Chiron sandwich trines Jupiter in Crab


Ideas about love, money, & responsibility run into conflict with power trippers and those who hold the purse strings. My best advice remains to make your enemies your friends.

If not FRIENDS, at least grab hold of common goals and interests.
Make it a meeting inspired by love and imagination.
Not kidding! Don’t push an agenda or focus on how things ~have to be~
Create a safe space, a place where it is possible to come together,
to establish a baseline regarding love, money, ideals, and commitment.

If no one wants to, don’t slam the door and scream good riddance!
~tempting~ but, keep the door open.
They’ll remember that you did.

Mercury is in a Neptune Chiron sandwich while trining Jupiter.
Old hurts will not be forgotten, but they could be healed.


Aquarius Venus square Scorpio Saturn is not covering new ground,
yes we DO have to go over it…
I don’t like it any better than you do,
the only way out is through.
Expect both stress and support to come with.

This week of March 23, progress may actually show up, in one area or another!
Yay! The Moon moves through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
Our place out in the world, in the group, in the universe.
There is an opportunity to look at the same old in a new way.

Surprises at any moment?
That’s it exactly.
The Cardinal Grand Cross is not fully in place yet,
but our Cardinal T-square is every bit as dynamic.
Jupiter, Uranus now joined by the SUN, and Pluto, I’m looking at you!
This week you have a chance to create a new outcome,
don’t blame yourself if it doesn’t pan out right away…
Or if the opposite! If Everything Changes In A Big Rush!!
Either way you play a part, but…
Forces beyond our control is the theme of the season!

Release, breath deep, be kind to yourself.
Remember the Moon is waning, and the dark gets very dark indeed,
the need for change only highlighting the depths of our uncertainty.

Our New Moon in ARIES on March 30th is far from perfect,
but I’m deeply looking forward to it.
We don’t begin with a clean slate this year,
but at least we begin!!!

Love YOU!!!



Think back to January 23rd, through February 12th, that’s where Saturn is now. And with Saturn retro, it won’t be until October’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that we have some finality with these energetics. On October 23, with the Sun, Moon, & Venus, all conjunct in Scorpio, at Zero degrees, Saturn will be right back where it is this week, but Direct instead of retrograde. YES. So that will happen….


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4 Responses to Week of March 23, Aquarius Venus squares Scorpio Saturn, Mercury in a Neptune Chiron sandwich trines Jupiter in Crab

  1. Jgirl says:

    Nice! I’ll draw a circle around oct 23! My natal Jupiter is 0 Scorpio and Jupiter rules my chart ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hahaha oh that comic is almost dead on. I’m still shocked I never saw police lights especially as I was swerving erratically to avoid all the pot holes! They can be so much deeper than they look.

    Today I learned I’m seriously powerless against mercury/neptune screwing with my navigation. I sucked a couple of friends into an endless series of wrong turns tonight! And then I made the same series of wrong turns trying to find them!

    Yet I’m optimistic ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore mermaid pants, and chased a fox next to the river today.

    Forgiveness and letting go are such powerful things. They’re freeing. Hopefully this time will go down as Mars in Liberation.

    This post is so full of hope and I’m so grateful, especially under this Capricorn moon.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,

      You are so welcome!! Chased a fox to the river! I like the sound of that! I def get affected my Merc/Neptune transits, and I have it nataly so there is always ~SPACE~ in my mind. ~Forgiveness and letting go are such powerful things. Theyโ€™re freeing.~
      YES absolutely!!! Mars in Liberation sounds beautiful. Much love!! <3

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