Week of March 10, 2014


The thing that you have to do, is deal.
That is, if you don’t want to drown.
So kick your legs and keep swimming, at least tread water…
Go ‘head, kick.

It’s not like the day will take care of itself while you gaze out the window all confused and wonder if someone is going to surprise you with cake…

Crab Moon/Jupiter Monday
right in the middle of all the cardinal biz.


Working our way to a Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday.
How exactly would you like to escape?!

So many many ways

All I want to do is spend all of my money on expensive perfume
That’s not wrong is it? I mean perfume never goes out style…

Shopping, Drinking, Movies, Dance, Sex,
Classic old fashioned Daydream?

Anything that takes you out of reality and gives you a lift is fair game.

Take it easy though the bills come due on this one, way soon.
Best way to handle it?
Keep your escapes pocket size, or wholesome
and match them pound for pound with what you supposed to done did.

Eyes open for practical opportunities:
Virgo Approved.

Tricky conversations?
Yes, so likely.

Seduction, sure but you don’t get fries with that.
I mean, ~oh look there is the bottom line~

Hello Venus/Merc in Aquarius!

Clarity may be sudden and game changing,
but it won’t be complete this week.
puzzle pieces missing, shoes left to drop.
Don’t give up out of impatience!
The baby and the bathwater = not the same damn thing.

Mercury squares Saturn, not the first go ’round for this pair either,
Remember January 24/25th & February 18/19th,


We have the same conversation
Keep an open mind as to others views.
Aquarius and Libra expect no less.
Temper Temper.
Eyes on the ball,
and watch out for that road to hell…
It does matter what you want,


This is negotiation, and everyone has feelings… barf

Wait until the later part of the week if no is not your favorite.
If you have to say NO, go ahead and enjoy saying it now!
Niceness counts, and that does take the fun out, admittedly.

I’ll make a movie for the Full Moon,
& go over it that way,
By next Monday, Moon in Libra Style, cardinal grand cross!

YES Y’all!

Have a Beautiful Week!

Love YOU!!!


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