Week of June 23, 2014 New Moon in Crab


Today, Sun in Crabcakes, Taurus Moon,
Venus in Gemini

Cuddle up, talk on the phone, and eat a cookie?
The Taurus stability helps.


Research your next steps?
You need time in nature, the physical world is calling you, with it’s weight and it’s pleasures, and yet, busy:
phone calls to initiate, emails to return, actual things to do.

Just beyond Summer Solstice in my part of the world.

The days are long, and time stands almost above itself.
Poised like a man on a bridge above a river, as long as you stand there,
still, above the rushing water… No.
Time is the water, time moves on.

Dark of the Moon
quiet, and uneasy, it’s a very good time to give something away.

inexorable tension builds for another Mars/Uranus Sudden/Action
hi-lit Wednesday, but available all week long.


Tipping points vary, (has your arrived already?) but they’ll show before July 1st.

New Moon in Crab on Friday
I like it.
It’s got retrograde Neptune’s stamp of approval.
Those rosy glasses go on, but gather flowers while you may.

~The clouds above us come together and disperse;
The breeze in the courtyard departs and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can keep us from celebrating? – Lu-Yu~

Is it serious?
Oh I guess it is, you are going to have to DO something,
feeling bad won’t help here, a New Moon is a beginning,
let yourself feel good.

Retro Gemini Mercury trines the North Node in Libra:
the old puzzle will be solved, by working together, or even separately/together,
fulfilling your own half of what must be done.
Information comes in, all week now, over the weekend, and next Monday/Tuesday.

Which do you choose?
Why, the very best one!


The bonds you make and the bonds you break: but there is some sense of autonomy, no matter how close. Each on our own side of the fence and likely with more than one way forward.

Venus in Gemini = Options.

Love YOU!!!


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