Week of December 29th & A look at the Crab Full Moon 2015

A baby Musk Ox just a few weeks old.

So Much Capricorn. EARTH. We must have work to do!
Sun, Venus, Mercury & Pluto

All our fears and responsibilities are controlled by a Sagittarius Saturn.

When Optimism is the final word on Pessimism,
you know something NEW has begun.

~ Just as she was thinking she would never quite reach it, or if she did would reach it as such an atomy that she would fall between the cracks of it’s paving-stones, she stopped and listened. Amid the sounds of the beetles and nightjars, somewhere there was music, somber yet full of gladness; it drew Sylvie on, and she followed it. It grew, not louder but more full; she saw the lights of a procession gather around her in the furry darkness of the underwood, or saw anyway the fireflies and night-flowers as though a procession, a procession she was one of. Wondering, her heart filled with the music, she approached the place to which the lights tended; she passed though portals where many looked up to see her enter. She put her feet in the sleeping flowers of a lane, a lane that led to a glade where more were gathered, and more coming: where beneath a flowering tree the white-clothed table stood, many places set and one in the center for her. Only it was not a banquet, as she had thought, or not only a banquet; it was a wake.~ John Crowley, Little, BIG


There won’t be many years like this one.
It’s a window and a portal both.

Our Leo Jupiter (ruling Saturn) ensures that this is a Creative Moment.

Something we want.
Love, self-expression, intimacy, independence,
the very last piece of the puzzle?

Who is in it to win it for the long term value?
If only you could see ahead!

What are you up to?

Your situation necessitates continued risk, that much is clear.

Most of the inner battles have already been fought.
Stronger than ever?
but lost in the forest?

Stronger because you begin with nothing to lose?

You have seen the darkness & come to a conclusion,
or a fork in the road which now we live out.

You can’t un-know on un-feel,
and as I say every time the Old Man changes signs:
Where Saturn goes there is loss.

Like a tree cut hard, pruned to maybe three branches, if you are not dead,
when the spring comes you are still going to flower.

Aquarius Mars opposes Leo Jupiter to get us up of the ground.
Retro or not, it’s a motivator.


If you want to catch a fish, you have to go to sea.


Full Moon in Crab, comin’ on by the 4th of January:

It looks like love during war time,
or when Mom and Dad tear the house down,
and then go off together to get drunk.

High drama, big changes, and love throughout.
I wouldn’t rule out a happy ending, but I wouldn’t write one in either…
it’s going to play out case by case.

Crab Topics, family, home, emotions.

Uranus on the South Node square Pluto
is some serious unrest,
perhaps more nationally than personally, though we will see both.

The revolution is to work together

What do we know about 2015?

Saturn squares Neptune:
The form is obscured to those who participate.


Results: they don’t negate the process,
but do they solve the puzzle?
Live it and see…

There will yes, even still, be a back and forth.
Last min choices and chances, one in the spring, and one in the fall.

Saturn will take the summer to decide if you chose correctly,
you won’t be able to banish that ghost until autumn.

Like a hobo with a pack on an empty road & a clear day,
you cannot refuse your future. Nor can you see around the bend.

There is an element of surprise, but even more profoundly,
after holding so tight for so long, there is an element of surrender.

Love YOU!!!!


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5 Responses to Week of December 29th & A look at the Crab Full Moon 2015

  1. connelly567 says:

    “Where Saturn goes there is a loss”. At present, Saturn is at 0 degrees my Ascendent. I hope the loss is my old self as I casn’t take much more of the rest of my life changing. That part needs some stability.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey connelly567,

    Def. the loss can be your old self! Anything you don’t need, feel free to say goodbye! Saturn is GREAT at stabilizing, maturity= that’s Saturn.

    Plus Saturn in Sag. is no where near as harsh as Scorpio. Think of this Saturn as helping you simplify, strengthen and consolidate. With Saturn in Sag. in the first, teach and/or learn.

    Also, something that strengthens you physically is a good idea. Nothing too demanding. Balanced slow growth is the motto this time. Sending Love xo

    • connelly567 says:

      I am saving this post and your reply. This is the best description of Saturn I have seen in a long time. Most astrologers tend to side with the difficulties of the planet as opposed to the rewards. Having experienced a second Saturn return, then Saturn in my sun sign, Libra and finally Saturn in 12th house Scorpio, I am looking forward to Saturn in Sag. The teach and learn aspect of Saturn first house is exciting to me. I feel like I will be acting instead of years of reacting. The lessons of Saturn 10-1 houses should help me when it transits into the second house, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Have a great New Year. BTW, your knowledge of different musical genres are unbelievable.

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