Week of August 26, 2013


If you have Virgo, today, use it.
Focus on what you CAN do,
with Neptune Opposing it may seem like feeling your way through the dark.
Was it T.S. Eliot who said, the fog comes on little cat feet?
Just take the steps as they appear to you, in the order that they show up.


What do you know now… that you did not know the day before yesterday?
What will you learn by the end of today?
We can say that all week!
Life changing material is being exchanged.

Who is having strange or violent dreams?!


Information is primary!

Key elements and details
Shifting of power in relationships,

Jupiter is doing some of the heavy lifting in this round,
a little perspective, goes a long way.


Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury, Opposed by Neptune
+ Venus Opposition Uranus and Square Jupiter/Pluto
Expect shocks to the system.

Can you fool yourself?

I think you can!

Howevz that doesn’t mean you WILL.


The story is not over, not even close.
Plenty of pivot in this week,

Cardinal Grand Cross, et al.

Ideas and Realities are tested.

By late Tuesday, Confidence = Hotness
Mars will move to Leo,
no more tentative embrace.
The heat turns up.
The Moon shifts to Gemini,
flexibility enters the picture.

That’s my MARS! I’m looking forward to it!

By Saturday we have Moon/Jupiter in Crab, Square Libra Venus.
This is good actually.
It’s not subtle, it’s generous.
Some stability is implied,
The Neptune Opposition is over and
Saturn/Pluto/North Node all back up the Virgo Sun.

Does Libra put her pants back on?
Oh I dunno if I would go that far, but our lizard brain recedes.

Do you have fences to mend, or bridges to un-burn?

Don’t be in any rush,
but you may be able to speak and listen, as the week moves on.

Is Neptune the antidote,
Or the poison seeping in to all of the sky’s Squares and Oppositions?

Give yourself the space for clarity to emerge.

Love YOU!!!



What better than Sad Chairs, for Virgo Opp. Neptune? Big Up to my friend Jeremy Freeman, of Deadly Dragon Sound System for the Saddest Chairs in the universe.


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2 Responses to Week of August 26, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    interested to see what the week will bring! haven’t learned anything new today, yet… very happy that there will be opportunity to mend fences though… and looking forward to mars in leo, its been killing me in my 7 house and sun sign… and my currently “off partner’s” natal sign. wasn’t pretty. glad the story is yet from over… venus is conj his moon and conj my mars and saturn in my 9H, she will hit my MC at 18 degrees libra, lilith is conj my sun and his mars and venus in cancer, and jupiter is conj my nn in my 7H, then pluto is in my 1H while opposing everything in my 7H. its been insane… and yes to weird dream, last night dreamt that he was driving behind me and my birth family in his car, then he got on the phone with someone, we made eye contact, and then we went off in separate directions on different highway ramps… at which point i was very sad. woke up in a sweat at 4 am and couldnt fall back to sleep… thanks for the posts they have really all been super helfpul while i’ve been going through these trying times…

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      You are so welcome. That’s a super poignant dream. Ow. It is an intense moment. Full to near capacity.
      Sending love your way. xoxo

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