Week of April 13, 2015


Venus is in Gemini,
suddenly our heart is ruled by our mind.

quick witted
short sighted?

Or just someone who remembers the spice that IS variety.

Just for a day or two…
Tuesday the 13th Mercury moves to Taurus to give us that Venus/Merc mutual reception.

The slow down works to our benefit.
Love/Money makes practical rules

Venus opposes Saturn, exact on Wednesday.
Gemini to Sagittarius, that’s a measuring stick right there.
What is the cost of your responsibility?

You can’t be everywhere.

All week tho:
Mars square and Uranus trine a newly direct Jupiter:
bold opportunities, if Venus says yes, it’s ON.

Thursday Pluto stations retrograde.
History, Memory, Consequences, and how far we have come!

Your wish was granted,
you will be unimaginably new…
foreign to your former self, a self you should be no longer romancing btw.
that past is past
and to paraphrase…what you have lost is what you possess forever…

Dreams do take so many years to come true.

The moment your life changed in 2007. Because it had to.
Inexorable power of a force or a vision… yours.
Yours?! Really?!

Forces beyond our control…

is destiny the manifestation of deep interior longing?

Or ummmmm…

and by the time you become it… who are you?

stronger, stripped of pretense

Perhaps it’s not what happened…
or more, that what happened…
a key and catalyst,
to push you beyond

what you do with it.

A crisis is a transfer of POWER.

Love YOU!!!



New Moon on Saturday, in Aries, where the re-evolution is the everything.


Uranus square Pluto is on it’s way out!
The change has happened!
Now it’s up to you to live it!

I KNOW!!!!!

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2 Responses to Week of April 13, 2015

  1. Tam says:

    I have no clue where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing currently. Neptune transit LOL

    Hmmm 2007 I’m much more solid internally now than then. I looked at my calendar and my photos and that was good year all in all. Trip to New Orleans, hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail, great photos, meditation classes. <3

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam!

      I hear that. Saturn/Neptune is kicking me so hard!

      Float above the water line, and trust in your flow… <3
      That makes sense re: internal growth. Pluto as it hits your chart is all about the deep intangibles. It sounds like you are doing it right!! xo

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