Waiting for Forward Motion

Do you feel like that?

Neptune will go direct by Wednesday, but how about Jupiter, man? Not until Christmas!
We got Pluto back, but were still waiting on Uranus (blushes).
That’s December 10th.

We are try try trying… Is it a wonder we get anything done at all!?

And Here comes Mars in Virgo

We are going to take that Mars in VIRGO ride for 8 MONTHS. YES MONTHS.
Sorry I know I’m shouting, but MONTHS, people MONTHS!

And we nearly start that shiz with a retrograde!

We got Mars in Virgo on Friday, the 11th. By the 24th of November Virgo’s ruler Mercury is going backasswards, until the 14 of December.

You Virgo’s get to start your power year, work out the kinks and then muscle on through.

Oh we are all gonna catch hell for saying the wrong thing.
Word police in full effect!

Everybody’s going to be on health watch, or completely rebelling from the heath kick.
Oh Geez.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes Virgos rules don’t apply to them. It’s ’cause they need to take a chill from enforcing the rulez on themselves at all times….

You have no idea how perfect they strive to be at every moment.
Not Kidding! Ask a Virgo, they’ll tell you!

Amy Winehouse. What a voice, what a Virgo, Sun and Mercury.
You’ve got to find a way to believe in yourself and release the pressure.
this 44second clip lays it out:

Ok. So. Big Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, and I didn’t even touch on it. I will! I will!

Lets just say 2012 may be the biggest year we have experienced to date, and when all those planets are moving forward at once, we are gonna know about it. Where do you want to be in 2013, man?

How are you positioning yourself? What successes are you lining up for yourselves?
Hmmm… planning, kittens, it’s not a dirty word.

‘Course the the whole thing is going to be a bit of a roller coaster,
Roller Coaster 2012, and screaming or laughing or both, you gone have to roll with it.

You notice he says “MOTIVATED”

anybody remember this cut?


Happy Monday!


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