Virgo Moon, Shuffle a Dream

Oh do have to keep doing this wake up and function thing?

For realz? and it just goes on and and on and on and on and on?

Ok Woody goes a bit long here,

but you know, I sing the why and because all the the time….

Why… Because…. Goodbye

The Moon’s in Virgo. along with Mars

Temper Temper,

Could be the smallest things that trigger an avalanche,

Try not to get too huffy if you are hitting roadblocks

Meanwhile, fill out the forms, clean the stuffs, hit up the details,

Oh you know!

Maybe it’s the busy beautiful album cover, but Revolver seems a very Virgo album.
and as things flow more retro, the Beatles begin to sound hella modern.
notice that?

The album Ritual Union by Little Dragon doesn’t get old either, and it’s still kinda new!
This song’s called Shuffle a Dream

shuffle it!



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