Virgo Full Moon, March 5, 2015


Tools are a method of becoming.

Flaws, that’s where possibilities reside.
Just ask Saturn,
he trades mastery in exchange for insecurity.

Taking care of what and who you value.

Use the idea you have.
Don’t wait for another day, or different brilliance.

It doesn’t have to go all the way to the finish in one step.
Irregular puzzle pieces

Is it close?


Move ahead and keep listening.

Do you have to give something up to get something?
Ummmmm yes.
That’s natural enough.

Your prize may be intangible, while the cost is easily measured.

Creating the future that never arrives, this is it! we are here!
Or arrives backwards, as if we face it going the wrong direction.
and we do…


The Full Moon makes us bright, lit up in our imperfection


~There are spotless maidens and evil crones in fairy tales, true, but there are monsters as well, and it is in the monstrous that good and evil exist together, much as they do in our own hearts. The Beast has a prince within him, the selkie a beautiful maiden or youth, the werewolf an innocent man. Sometimes these monstrous shiftings, these transformations, are arguing simplistically for Divine Right once again … but sometimes, oh, sometimes they enact something far more wondrous strange. Red Riding Hood emerges from the gut of the wolf, and we are hunter and girl and beast all at once as we hear the tale. We see ourselves reflected in the broken mirrors of all these imperfect stories.~ –Betsy Cornwell

Love YOU!!!!




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