Virgo Full Moon, March 16, 2014


The Full Moon in Virgo takes place at 25 degrees.
Mercury is hovers in Aquarius just long enough for the lunation.

A jolt of clarity regarding the details left unfinished.
Imperfect arrangements already made. Miscommunication. Misunderstandings.
We begin sorting and solutions.

You do have to deal with it!
Paperwork, health, nutrition,
conundrums you though were solved…
With Saturn in aspect to the Sun & Moon there may be a bit of a delay
in how fast you can make the changes.
Virgo hates that! Fix it Now!
I don’t think we will suffer too badly from the slowdown.

Then right away, Mercury gets slippery!
On the 17th he slides in to Pisces.
Will people have compassion and solve problems more smoothly?

Could happen.
It’s fair to expect good news from the ether on the week of March 24,
when Mercury and Jupiter trine.
By that time the Sun will be in Aries,
+ after that, we hit that New Moon in Aries on the 31st
Whole other world!

For now, don’t ignore what you realize.
The small pieces make the up the whole.

Love YOU!!!


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