Venus/Mars/Chiron in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius, January 2017








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Don’t expect it not to hurt.

This week and the next, ~ the cost of love ~ makes an appearance.
The price of intangibles.

Venus just past Neptune, heading toward the Mars/Chiron conjunction which is square Sagittarius Saturn and inconjunct Libra Jupiter.

What will the ethical structure allow?
What does your belief bring to life?
What love? What sacrifice? What power?

Venus, Mars, Chiron, Neptune, South Node, Pisces, all Pisces.
Are you learning something so personal, so unique to you and your choices, but all the same, it’s a universal story?
A confession, or with Mercury in Capricorn, a parable.

What do the Baudelaire Orphans gain through their travails?


Jupiter rules in this difficult scenario, so we can expect even our limitations to be broadening.

Are your losses gains in equal measure?

Especially material losses, what does it take to do the right thing,
to be correct?
Don’t overthink it.

Most ethical conflicts have imperfect solutions that are inescapable.
As the saying goes, ~ Do the next right thing. ~


It does take this to get where we are going.
Mercury trines the North Node, it’s not an accident, not really a mistake, though it may present as one.

A pleasant face will take you farther than an unpleasant face, for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
The Moon in Libra would like you to control your emotions, even the ugly ones.
Especially the hideous ones. 🙂

Which we all have, as we all have Fear.
Fear and Frustration can do a lot with such a little.
Don’t expect it not to touch you now. In fact, make room.

When you feel demons pressing on all sides of you, open the door, and find out what they came for.
Have some compassion for yourself and your predicament. It will shorten every internal argument and let you get straight to work. Being a demon is really hard.

-2 ***

pisces type

Take care of the details this week. They will NOT take care of themselves.
When in doubt, be systematic, ordinary, kind.

It’s these elements that will let you know, at least you have done what you can. Fulfill your responsibilities. Check it all off the list.


And for goodness sake, pay what you owe!

Now, you may not be allowed to accomplish everything or even anything much…
It depends on how your chart is impacted.

By contrast, this may be the week you wrap up some extremely necessary biz.
Again, without this step you can’t progress. Do it. Do everything you can.


Let it become what it is going to, allow the shape to emerge.
This Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus biz is for real!

AnaMontiel-Now_5_970 ****

~ It was true; she wanted something—something that gave a fillip, a finish—what she scarcely knew. But not the past—not memories. The present; the future; that was what she wanted.-
Virginia Woolf ~

By the end of the week, on Saturday January 21, we have a Venus/Chiron/Mars Sandwich supported by the Moon in Scorpio.
Let’s say it all gets very deep. Commitments you make may be binding.

And what would life be without that?

We need promises, however long or short they are kept, they remind us of our ambition to be eternal, unblinking, as fixed as the twinkling stars in their orbits, as the breath in your lungs, a flexible constant, while we endure and survive.

Love YOU!!!


*Lonnie Holley

** has anyone seen the new series? What do you think?

***James Jean!

**** Ana Montiel!

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