Venus Square Mars, Jupiter’s Grace, Uranus in Action, LEO Moon


I’m a little over the groveling gratitude I’m supposed to feel
for non-fullblown disaster.

The ok-ness marathon is wearing thin.

Leo Moon will do that to you.

I want victory. I want acknowledgement,

I want.

Feel Me?

Jupiter making sure we are not destroyed by Mars/Uranus/Pluto
But what if I want more than just not being destroyed?!

NGS Picture ID:661747

The Lion’s Share?
That’s what I want.

Some of these ordinary moments,
will in retrospect play out as seismic shifts of allegiance.
We seem to be working so hard just to tread water:
there is so much more to it.

Impatient? YES. On so many levels.
Uranus tags all the key players for this and LEO Moon jumps right in.
Mercury is going for it: Think Smarter.

A cosmic shakedown is in the works,
as Venus retro supplies some sort of smoke and mirrors distraction:
We don’t notice what is really going down
because we are all too busy wondering where our money went…
and how the f*ck we will get it back…

It’s not really a distraction.
We review our relationships to see which ones are keepers,
we don’t even mean to be, it just happens.
What are you worth to them,
to those people who have you in their lives?

Equally cold blooded ~What are they worth to you?~

Can affection be measured?
Between family?
Between friends?

It certainly could seem so.

Saturn Squares the Moon by Saturday
a pressure gage?
a thermometer?

The lever that jacks the tire?

maybe just a small lead balloon.

Can we be grateful then that we don’t have small pox?
On your knees Lion, this won’t hurt a bit.


We are in the thick of it now though,


One hand washes the other?
That saying always gives me hives, but frankly:

~how true~

Remember THIS?
What do I keep saying in the video? ~ Hard Headed & Strategic~
go about 5mins deep, but then I get in to it
That time I was talking about? We are there now.
In two weeks from now, our landscape will have shifted.
The sand is sliding under our feet.

Running to stand still?
It’s an illusion.
All that miscellaneous time becoming something far greater,
the choices and chances that turn on a dime.
A lifetime’s worth, that’s what we get.

Less an equation and more a riddle,
accounts are being balanced howev

blink and you’ll miss it?
a trick of the light?
Not this time.

those fairy lights will be back.
more like an echo, or a thread to follow

Usti Opre

Jupiter in Crab…a huge story unfolds…

Love YOU!!!


by Sunday the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune,
somehow sending me back to this post
and by Monday?


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