Venus Retro/Pisces Sun Conjunct Chiron/After the Full Moon

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Last night I dreamed about unfinished relationships.

A woman from the past reaching in to my life, a man asking Are you sure?
Are you sure?
After all I have done for you.

Venus is retrograde in Aries.
Are you dreaming of who or how you used to love, even if you don’t want them back?

Is the past prologue, as Shakespeare would have it, or is it not even past, as Faulkner penned?

The Moon moves across Libra today and tomorrow.
A Cardinal T-Square points the energy at Crabs.
Family and inner circle connections,
it can be any bond, any intimacy you used to share.

In my dream I was trying to buy shoes, (Pisces) and I could never arrive.
But every day I woke up with the ambition to make it to the mall, like a fish swimming upstream, and I never did. That was my dream. First my mother was going to take me, then I was going to take my children.

Which roles do you play, and what value do you place on them?
Is a successful mother one who raises her children to move out, beyond, to occupy the larger world? Should children come home for holidays, send a card on your birthday, let you know when they move?

Or would success be the child that takes it’s place beside the family, adjacent, making it larger, more complete?

What about when families used their children’s marriages to build clan alliances?

Are we building anything now as a culture?
Is anywhere our home? And if we have a home do we live there?
Is ~ Home ~ a myth, and what power comes from it?

To where, to whom do we belong?

mother and child

What about mothers who leave their children?
Have they given enough?

Are Fathers even a myth anymore? Or just a man?
Or is it the other way, only a myth, never a man?

What kind of a place, a city, a town is it you live in?
Is it quaint to imagine occupying one place?
Is it as an author (perhaps Jamaica Kinkaid) suggested ~ An American is someone who does not live in the house in which they were born. ~
The crumbling structure of western government, of western civilization, of societal mores, is not theoretical, but real. Family, for some, as a concept has become smaller and smaller, from extended, to nuclear, and boom. It’s gone, evaporated, a vestigial organ. It is, as the saying goes, what it is.

Beyond a biological imperative, what are we making when we make a family?
Are there ties that actually bind?

What are you owed? What do you owe?

Have you paid your debts?
The debts you can not see.

Invisible hungers.

Who has been fed and at what cost?
Who is left hungry now?
And for what?!


Love YOU!!!!!


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