Venus in Scorpio 2013 + Pisces Full Moon & Pluto Direct


By September 11, 2013, Venus will well and truly be in Scorpio.

and it means this:


Just as much as it means this:


What more can I say?


Yes love triangles,
Yes to Ex’s popping back up to see if you care,
Yes to conversations about intimacy.

The rest of the sky is going to pull the strings tight,
not immediately, first we trine Neptune… ahhhhh!
but sooner, rather than later.

Venus is a flirt, she has trouble in Scorpio for several reasons.
The main being that Scorpio is after something primal,

you know what it is?

It’s called intimacy.

The road to get there is not so straight forward as you would imagine.
For Scorpio investigates, she has a hard time trusting.

She wants to know what is under that placid smile,
She want to find out how you really feel,
She wants to find out how SHE really feels, and to that end,
She will put herself in situations that force a point.

*How do you know what trust is if there are no tests?

*How do you know what trust is if you never break it?

*How do you know what honesty is, if your are not forced to become it?

*When was the last time you lied, and whom were you protecting?

Scorpio prefers a wound to a scab, and we will see that now.

Lasting Bonds?

None better at it.


She’s the best at that too.

Listen to this poem by Scorpio Asc D. H. Lawrence via Whiskey River
He had a 12house Libra Moon/Venus conjunction Square Mars in Crab, Pluto in the 8th.


Why don’t people leave off being lovable
or thinking they are lovable, or wanting to be lovable,
and be a bit elemental instead?

Since man is made up of the elements
fire, and rain, and air, and live loam
and none of these is lovable
but elemental,
man is lop-sided on the side of the angels.

I wish men would get back their balance among the elements
and be a bit more fiery, as incapable of telling lies
as fire is.

I wish they’d be true to their own variation, as water is,
which goes through all the stages of steam and stream and ice
without losing its head.

I am sick of lovable people,
somehow they are a lie.~


Think of how Venus in Scorpio is ruled by a Potent Watery Mars.
Scorpio moves energy.
Scorpio Venus, is Marsy, She trades in Control.

As Venus makes her way,
to conjunct Saturn and the North Node on the 18th of September,
it’s not just about SEX, MONEY, and VALUES, although it IS about allll that.

It’s also, about trust, intimacy, your true calling, and power.
Taurus may get the best or the worst of this,
but I really shouldn’t say that!
After all, it’s happening to Scorpions! All the Fixed Signs,
the Cardinals, Pisces, Virgo,
Even if you are a Sag. or a Gemini… no one really is left out.

Venus/Saturn in Scorpio on the North Node,
is whether you thrive, survive, or ummm not survive.

It’s a solid statement about true purpose and existence.

With the Sun and Moon the Pisces/Virgo axis,
Pluto and Chiron well supporting,go for the deeper and higher truths.
Mars trines Uranus, the will to live burns very bright.

and VENUS… our lady of ultimates, all or nothing, consummate desire,
how does She fare?

Whether a high or a low point, Venus appears to be naked.
Saturn suffers no pretense
the bones, the heart, the core, the marrow.

A lover’s pact, a true disaster, alone in the cold, a stark wedding,
the day you elope?

A key will turn in the lock as Pluto moves forward on the 20th.
locking you in? locking you out?

a passionate heart and the will to survive.

Love YOU!!!


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