Venus in Sagittarius & Friends, 2013

Burning Man participant Virginia Biney from Philadelphia poses next to an art installation at the 2013 Burning Man arts and music festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada

Venus is in Sagittarius for a short stay only.
Look! There she is making nice to Capricorn/Scorpio!

She is sandwiched right in the middle,
suggesting our values would do well to have a rich philosophical basis,
and, you know, also casually make us feel fantastic!
is that too much to ask?

October 7th through November 4th
It’s your month Fire signs!

Because she is ruled by Jupiter in Crab, this Venus is actually good for EVERYONE!
Venus in Sagittarius has love + money + tits for all.


Morality is a hot topic too,
as long as you are not, oh you know,
hung up on the details,

…. scorp/merc. retro temptation…. ? I think, yes…
sag./venus go for it? danger danger!

Details?! = too petty, and small minded, hahahaha!
But Watch! As Mars moves into Virgo on the 15th of October,
there will be details!

a conflict between ideals, and reality?
yes, please! Whoops, I mean, no thanks!
Shizzz! too late! It’s been ordered and they don’t do exchanges!

Big dreams, big love, it’s where you want to cross the lines, see from the other side.
Venus in Sagittarius is turned on by open-ended passion,
by choosing ones destiny, by the freedom of love.

This video by The White Mandingos is not a parody, stay with it…
it makes more sense as it goes on. <3 Venus in Sag. is in it for the love of exploring!
Generous, openhearted, and not particularly careful.
She craves pure experience! Another culture, another way of seeing the world,
new horizons, travel, that’s what she wants!
Raw, pure, naked experience which she can clothe with ideas and dreams.


I hereby declare 2013/2014 as the international year(s) of the surprise.
sponsored by U square P and friends.
Use Venus in Sag to launch the ones you need.

~Where would you love to go?!~

At this particular moment Mercury/Saturn/North Node gives us pause.
Think it through, then take a chance.

It will help if you can get family/friends/teachers/church on board.
With the Scorpio Merc retro, we are going to go over it,
sigh…and over it.

It might snap together some things you have already been over!
you know how it do with merc wretch, anything with re in front of it is a go.

Rethink Rework, Reality… hahahaha!

This month is a window in so many ways,

Use the flexibility and generosity that is suddenly available to navigate
those seemingly immovable objects, and scorpionic certainties.

Venus in Sagittarius loves a story, with archetypes, and action!
and with Jupiter in Cancer we are ALL in one!
Crab Jupiter imbues Venus in Sag. with extra benevolence.
Kindness, a drive to do what is best for all.

Love YOU!!!!



What comes next is hilarious! No really.
Venus in Cap. will show up to make sure we are doing it right.

I’m not kidding.
We will have Venus in Capricorn, Venus retro in Capricorn, no less,
until I’m old and dead, lol.
I mean, Venus in Capricorn from November 5th, until March 6th.
MARCH, people, MARCH! 2014

What does that mean for Pluto in Cap, et al?
We’ll talk about about it! Promise!


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12 Responses to Venus in Sagittarius & Friends, 2013

  1. Jgirl says:

    Good! Uranus at 1 deg sag, 24 deg sag rising, Neptune at 25 deg sag, Juno and Lilith at 1 deg cap, will oppose my 7 deg cancer sun.

    Why does Jupiter in cancer rule Venus? Thanks!

  2. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I think Venus in Cap is going to be ok…but then I’ve lived with Venus square Saturn in my natal and just experienced Saturn transiting my 2nd House for an age where it opposed my natal Venus. I’ve done the frigidaire of all that…and I’m really into the structuring of self-love that Saturn can bring to Venus. It’s not easy or fun, but the rewards can be really good. Ok I am feeling over-optimistic due to all this Sagg energy…but I do think it’ll be ok, Saturn is ‘real’ love!! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,

      I’m a huge Venus/Saturn person. Completely! I quite agree on the real love concept! It’s just going to be epic! So long, and retro Venus/Pluto opposed by Jupiter? If Crabs don’t get their dream lover from the past, back and better than ever, I’m suing! Kidding! Come to think of it, we will have Mars forever in Libra, squaring, they will help each other out, and antagonize… it’s an interesting set up for certain! Thanks for writing! xoxx

  3. Hannibal says:

    I fell in love with your girls!!!

  4. ditisjenn says:

    I can’t stop laughing! You have such amazing angles and have so much fun with it. Love love it!
    Venus in cap will be very interesting I guess. My Solar Return (6th of feb) will have a venus/pluto on my natal ascendant and a jupiter on my natal descendant. In the solar return my Asc/Desc axis is reversed. I am looking forward to an intense year I guess. Can’t wait. As my saturn return will also be over by then… WOOOHOOOO!
    Thanx for the loveliness!

  5. ditisjenn says:

    Ow and I must add, venus/pluto on my natal Ascendant/Venus (!) I demand love in 2014 😛

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey ditisjenn,

      Thank you for writing! All that is so sweet of you to say!
      Wow Venus Pluto Asc, opposed by Jupiter! Venus return with Pluto included! Serious Hotness!
      You demand love, and love you shall have. So be it! ; )
      Congrats on being nearly done with your Saturn Return! That’s hard work! xox

  6. MelissaTwinMoon says:

    This is soooooo good! This venus sag feels great i finally have a pep in my step lol
    now about that venus in cappy for months..hmmm
    Love your posts! Thanks !!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey MelissaTwinMoon ,

      Thanks for writing!! I’m so happy your are feeling good! I love Venus in Sag. She craves an adventure, and that works for me! xo

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