Venus in Aries! Cardinal Conditions…


Our life conditions are so specific,
the level of generalized FLUX is stratospheric.

We are each of us transitioning, how could you not?

Are you about to do something you’ve never done before?
If not, it’s got to be because you’ve only just already done it.

Keep on doing it, Do it again!

Venus moves to Aries late Friday night!
Impatience! A demanding lover!

Now Venus enters the dialog dynamically.
No longer setting the stage for what is possible,
giving us parameters of harmony that seem only right to respect.

Not this time as a willingness to sacrifice for the good of all,
or the final word, adding power to Jupiter’s exaltation.
No more Venus in Pisces
That’s Over Now.

Aries Venus is a go getter!
Personal goals, personal achievement!

Venus steps up to our Cardinal Cross,
and brings Mars in Libra ever more into the thick of it!

Aries is ruled by Mars, Libra is ruled by Venus.
Mutual reception, and Game On!
It’s almost a trangender situation.
There is an exchange, & it’s surely more than the sum of it’s parts.

Uranus in Aries works his individuation magic!
We won’t be held down.


Can we work it to our benefit?
OH YES, but no wallflowers allowed.
This is not the time to show up under-dressed!

It takes action, & actions have reactions!
Don’t sit this one out though,

Your life, Your times, Your chance.

Beauty that breaks through
to a New World or a New Experience

Something you want?
How will your allure bring it you?

Aries Venus: Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

Venus in Aries is a beauty with something to prove!

Not the most harmonious placement for the one who holds it,
but can it be effective?
Hell’s YES.


Artistic goals & beauty are très importante
Second best?
I didn’t think so!

A beautiful HERO!

Love YOU!!!



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2 Responses to Venus in Aries! Cardinal Conditions…

  1. ditisjenn says:

    I definitely have never worked two jobs at once and it looks like that’s what I’m going to be doing. Two dreamjobs. One in a monkey sanctuary saving monkeys. And one helping to set up a spiritual centre. Nurturing and Writing. A challenge! Just what I need. And everything just comes falling out of the sky at this moment.

    btw. Everything is still sort of unclear, uncertain and vague. But I’m feeling it. On the 14th uranus and venus conjunct my moon. Should be a pretty cool day 😀

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey ditisjenn!

      Somehow I missed this comment! I’m sorry! WOW. Those are both amazing jobs! So intensely positive. Aries Moon is a hero, no doubt, and those are heroic ventures! Way to work your astrology, and the sky that you are in! So VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!! xoxo

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