Venus in Aquarius 2014



Paris Hilton with Sun/Mercury at 28, Aqua Venus at 16 Aqua,
Mars in Pisces, Moon in LEO, yeah! Sag. Rising!!

not a scandalous love all dark and smoldery,
A shocking love, bright with loss and sudden connection.

with the Moon in Taurus
& the Sun in Pisces,
Venus moves out of Capricorn!!!!!!!!
By maƱana,
Jupiter resumes forward motion


Sorry peeps with the Natal Venus in Cap,
or Earth/Water peeps to whom Cap Venus is making nice aspects,
but the judgment & handling of old biz must end.
Wouldn’t you like to start something new?

Venus in Aquarius would like to start something new.
An AIR experiment = ideas!
Oh I know by then Mars is already AWOL…
but he is racing back to meet his lover.

Mars in Libra will have Venus in Aqua, Venus in Aqua wants him!
He’s a darling, and she’s a genius, they are not bored for a minute.

Action may be a bit intellectualized,
we may find ourselves at the back of the queue, & suddenly realize…
not only that,
…but we have to race home, because of we forgot…
& well it’s a clusterf*ck/power struggle anyway,
Jupiter squares Uranus fairly tight all the while…

there must be a way, at least a taste for something NEW

April begins with the Aries Sun conjunct Uranus
and square Jupiter,
while retro Saturn squares (saturn ruled) Aquarius Venus,
& (venus ruled) retro Mars holds her hand,
Check their trine at 22,
just as we come in to the New Moon in Aries @ 9 degrees…
Who’s got planets in GEMINI??

That’s a story for another day…

Pluto siphoning real blood into the T-square,
which with Mars becomes a Grand Cross,
just to make sure it’s not all empty talk…
no no no… lives and livelihoods are on the line,
By then, mid-month, Venus is in Pisces, where we need her!

Wait, what am I looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to taking a chance, to feeling bizarrely, unusually pretty,
~a pleasurable irritant that acts as a stimulant?~
The Venus in Aquarius experiment March 6th – April 5th
To friendship, working together unselfishly,
a little bit of kink.


what do you think of this fluff? he’s kind of whiner.

double p.s.
Yoko Ono, 81 years old,
5th house Sun, Venus, Saturn all in Aquarius.
Who incites and polarizes better?!
Mercury conjunct the north Node nearly exact in Pisces!
Opposing her 12 house Neptune Mars Jupiter in Virgo.
Socially conscious art to make the world better?
What else could she do?!

Or how about this one?!
lolzzzz! like a cartoon Aquarian prop from the deep 70’s!

Love YOU!!!!!


triple p.s.

Nicolas Cage and His Cat

Capricorn Sun Nicolas Cage has Venus/Saturn in Aquarius,
just thought you should know.

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6 Responses to Venus in Aquarius 2014

  1. JS says:

    Oh hallelujah! Sun/Moon/Merc Cap with Asc/Venus Aquarius here. Bring on the new beginnings!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey JS,

      Thanks for writing! I so agree! Venus return is fun! Plus, with all the retrogrades, any little bit of progress is so deeply hi-lighted. I can’t wait! xo

  2. Tam says:

    I am so ready for something new! Heck… a warm Spring day would be an amazing gift.

  3. Solaire says:

    OHTHANKYOUGOD indeed. I was so over Venus in Cap 4 months ago. XD

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