Venus Direct, Jupiter in Virgo, September 2015


Now that we are all familiar with the unglamorous turn our life has taken,
can a little of the bliss found in beauty return to us,
can the ethereal realms be revived, can aesthetics resume their pride of place?

Pretty please?

Certainly it will be better.


Jupiter has moved from Leo to Virgo, while Venus fretted & slept.
Frugality takes the place that Luxury occupied so recently.

All we want is a clean place to rest our heads.
Humility expands our perspective.

The micro informs the macro

All the same,
Saturday Night = Venus Direct
thank you god(s)!!!

Pleasure for it’s own sake.
A value immeasurable found in joy.
This time it’s simplicity.

Earnest sincerity,
a scrupulous attention to the details, and as the quote goes “no little innocent bliss”

There is no one who enjoys being ~bad~ so much as a Virgo does!
Oh the thrills of self-punishment!
ahahaha!! You know who you are!!!

Still, for the time being Venus and Mars reside in Leo.
We may get a party out of it yet!
That trine to Uranus still in play.

Could you suddenly fall in love or be reunited in just the right way?
Oh you could!!
In case anyone is wondering I DO want a present!!
don’t you?!?!

Is there an undertow?

Gods YES!!!

All weekend long: Easy to say something lethal!
Be aware, & Watch you mouf!!


Jupiter in Virgo glorifies the small things.

Last night I stayed up late scrubbing the kitchen floor,
I showered, climbed in to bed and dreamed of moving to a small Greek island.

All those beautiful dream whites and blues.




All this year we are going to specialize in the magically ordinary.

Love YOU!!!!


* Sofia is a Sun/Venus/Neptune in Virgo,
Jupiter/Mercury in Libra,
that Venus ruled Libra Mercury leading her Mercury ruled Venus around
Sofia’s Libra trines her Aquarius Moon/Saturn which opposes her LEO Mars!

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2 Responses to Venus Direct, Jupiter in Virgo, September 2015

  1. Colleen says:

    Been dreaming of owing a small two story hyper-energy efficient/renewable energy/composting toilet house in the woods, decorated with dark woods, tapestries and silk banners that I painted myself, with my swords and armour hanging on the wall, and a small workshop a little ways away for all my music/crafting/armour stuff. The catch/bonus? I’m the only one living there.

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