Uranus Square Pluto


This is Uranus Square Pluto on a PERSONAL Level,

Will we see U square P play out globally,
in earthquakes, rebellion, accidents, and murder?

But, for you, day to day, consider…

Consider letting go of who you used to be as necessary imperative.
If you don’t want to haunt yourself, as the ghost of who you could be,
Or more likely the ghost of who you were,
it becomes necessary, in these times,
to display a ruthless lack of sentimentality toward who you have been.

There is no need guard the remnants of a former personality,
to haplessly defend your inane past actions.
Instead, say simply “I was an idiot last Tuesday.”
Or “That year I was like a dog from hell.”
And then do something, actually do something to make it better to those you have harmed.This step is frequently abandoned in the rush to “not be that person.” First OWN that you were “that person”
If whoever you have harmed is not interested in you making amends, pay it forward, for someone else. You learned something. Share. Not in only in words, in actions. It’s no good going around treating people like garbage and then excusing yourself. But neither does it help to attach to a persona or actions you don’t condone. Your guilt isn’t doing anyone any favors, and it is just So Very likely to distort the parameters of whatever you try to do next!

Over the next three years, you will find yourself in strange circumstances
and strange company. Evolution is a given.
They say we evolve to suit our environment, but could it be,
that we also build and destroy and build our environments to support our evolution?

Choose. Choose as often as possible.
If you don’t like the paradigm you are presented with,
make a NEW one, and choose from there, from your new perspective.
You are not a slave to other people’s ideas, ideals, or goals.
…and you are not a slave to other people!
Uranus square Pluto means losing friends, relatives or colleagues almost by definition.
The old structure is destroyed. You must individuate!
Will this make you popular?

YES, and NO.
The only approval you need is your own.

Freedom! Don’t they say freedom comes at a price?

Listen, you are free to abandon your own garbage, your own tired rhetoric, your own faulty logic, or anything that doesn’t make the grade. If that is no longer YOU, put it down. Step away. It’s OK to do this over and Over and OVER. Huge leaps are beautiful, and under this astro really possible, but habitual practice is what brings things into your life to stay. To be continually developing takes courage. The courage to walk away from self imposed limitation, to rewrite the story, where you see it needs to be re-written. Just because it has happened that way 135 times, does not mean it has to happen that way 136, there is a reason why it went that way so often. Find that reason, and destroy it.

Love YOU!!!


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10 Responses to Uranus Square Pluto

  1. Astrocat says:

    works for me !! .. great post !!

  2. kashmiri says:

    awesome…I love this, bringing it down to a micro level…I need to do this. I’ve been turned outwards for too long.


  3. Tam says:

    “The only approval you need is your own” I keep seeing a form of this message everywhere.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Kashmiri!
    Nice to see you! Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I see the outer planets SO BUSY in the day to day of everyone’s lives. “The feeling of our times.” xox

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hey Astrocat, I’m so glad you like it! xo

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,
    That is a hard one to believe sometimes, but so so true!
    I always go Jimi Hendrix on that one,
    ~I’m the one who is going to have to die when it’s time for me to die.
    So let me live my life, the way I want to.~

    xo <3

  7. paul says:

    wow. a friend sent me this link to this post, after i had written her, your post, was EXACTLY, the same thing i had written, same analogies ‘ghost’ ‘courage’ ‘narrative that is tired and needs to be rewritten’ wow. that’s all i’m going to say. wow.

  8. o_lightning says:

    Hi paul!
    Thanks for writing! Well that is kind of a wow. I guess we are on the same wavelength about all this. ; )

  9. paul says:

    yeah it freaked me out, on friday there was an earthquake in ontario, the mayor was caught smoking crack, weird things were abounding, i had upheaval, and got this job in the midst of it, but have now outgrown it, its been a year, they caught me job hunting and basicallly said that they were going to fire me, if i continue to job hunt, i continued, but secretly – had one job interview which i pulled out of it because ‘my dream job’ wanted to interview, got on the phone, and found out they had hired internally (before i even interviewed) – i went into a blue funk thinking ‘nothing’s going to change for me’ — and then on friday i realised that i really NEED a change and the only person who will bring that about is me. got home had a phone call from amazing job opp, happening (even though i swore off job hunting for a bit) and wrote my friend this long email about events, and how it feels as if i’m inhabiting a ghost’s life, and how i need, regardless, to keep pushing to change this narrative, or it will drown me and leave me in a bad spot forever. She sent me a link to this. i was like ‘wow’. I basically said ‘this is like the millioneth job interview but who knows this could be the one’

  10. o_lightning says:

    Hi paul,
    it sounds like you are living the astrology! It must be lighting up your chart. Best of luck with your job search! <3

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