Uranus Retrograde 2016


First of all, READ THIS and remember.

Think back to July 17th 2013, marvel at 3 years worth of sudden events and transformations.

The accumulated growth, the pile up of eventful decisions,
the pile up of difficult focused work and achievement that you have managed to accrue, while encountering unforeseen circumstances which in turn triggered your eventful decisions, (amirite?)
has driven us a long way from where we stood on July 17, 2013.

Are you grateful to be here?
It’s come at a cost.
Is your conscious higher ?

Are you more awake?
Uranus works by power of subtraction.
It removes, because with distance we see.

Independence, intelligence, on your way to something new.

Truthfully, Uranus is already a selfish planet, in Aries even more so.
Uncompromising. The urge to get what we want because we want it.
Impatient, Inspired, Reckless, Careless, Intolerant, Rebellious,
Full of the Imagined Freedom to Conquer.


So what happened way back then?
On July 17th 2013 Uranus in Aries began moving backwards from 12 degrees Aries to 9 degrees, in order to successfully square Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn during the last to weeks of October 2013.
Take a look at old emails from that era, or think back, see what you find…

What kind of fights did you have then, in October 2013?
What worlds were you crumbling, or were you watching as they crumbled around you?
What new strategies for survival did you employ?

Can you breathe a sigh of relief to have moved on to a new conversation,
even as you acknowledge that some ghosts persist?

You can look back, but don’t go back.
No really, DON”T.


What do you think of the life you have now?
In Flux.
The bulk of the cracks have already appeared on the fault lines.
And not only that, you have SEEN them.

You know earthquakes are coming.

What will you do with what you know?

How are you coping with the fallout, with the demands of knowledge?
What does it mean to be awake?

Uranus in Aries = Awake to Violence.

Saturn in Sagittarius asks, what is the moral response?
What is your ethical obligation?

Now, right now, Uranus in Aries will be retrograde from July 29th until December 28th 2016
His goal this time is not simply to fight with Pluto in Capricorn, they do agitate each other, but there is something else. Oddly, it’s as much about initiating and supporting new ideas and constructs as anything.
They are not brand new this is a retrograde, but relatively new. Things you have been trying to get off the ground for some time.

From December through April, Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries!


And Goodness knows we need it!
Whether Saturn in Sag will play as tolerance and restraint, as a structure for the much needed growth, a “controlled burn” so to speak, or the structure for just the opposite, destructive belief systems, for example, remains to be lived.

Think new laws and structures regarding refugees or foreigners, think sudden emergence of new genius and/or new stupidity, (honestly!) that prompts new beliefs, restrictions, and devotions.

What will we have to do to positively enact these ideals within the context of war and crumbling hierarchy?
We can expect to find out in ways that are literal AND ideological.

Those choices are not written ahead of time, but rather by our lives, and since that much is clear, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be one or the other, but both.

Meanwhile…. & this is really interesting… MEANWHILE,
Jupiter in Libra, & Uranus in Aries, oppose each other and square Pluto in Capricorn.
The Pluto square is not ultra tight, but it def is active, within 5 degrees, close enough to feel it!


Hot Cardinal T-square Action!

It will be HUGE. Truly.
High drama, for all Cardinals (aimed right at Crabs)
and when Cardinal signs have drama, every one has drama, because Cardinal signs take action.

Between November and the end of January, we will encounter increased discord with the prevailing structure.
The prevailing structure, meaning government, big business, law, do expect it to be reflected in the microcosm of the structures in your life. Even if you are expecting random, do expect to be surprised.

Jupiter in Libra puts these changes within the context of partnerships and interpersonal relationships.
Peace and Justice, Balance, Fairness, Equality.


20 degrees Cardinal is a hotspot for the current year and into 2017.
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
It was pretty hot last year as well, from the middle of June 2015 to 2015 mid-September.
This year, will be hotter. The Square to Pluto much tighter, and more active, and with Jupiter in Libra going big by tipping the scales.



Still, We have had some practice with this, and we do have some support.

Expect to feel the effects of power, against you, through you, from you.
There will be more on this Cardinal T-square topic as we get into it in the fall.
much Much MUCH more!

High pressure, rapid growth, particularly of new ideologies

Friday the 29th of July, Uranus in Aries will station retrograde to begin a move from 24 degrees back to 20 degrees.
When our God of the unexpected reaches 20 Aries, he stabs in a acupuncture needle and stays for half of November, all of December and half of January 20 degrees Aries.

Uranus will be direct after December 28th, but on that one point, vibrating.
On January 30th 2017 Uranus hits 21 degrees, by March 31st, 23 degrees.
For something bringing lightning, Uranus moves slow, and that tells where his revolutionary focus will be directed.

The combo of Uranus opp.Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Sag, and the Cardinal T-square Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter
suggests that once again change is coming.
A new wildly tipping balance, a partnership, a structure to support new ideas…
What will we make out of these tools we are given?

Love YOU!!!!


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