Uranus Direct & Gemini Full Moon 2013

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On my post about Mars in Libra and the Cardinal Grand Cross,
I included a link to help us review, from last Summer’s
Station of Uranus and Grand Trine in Water,
a sort of poem or story about bends in the river and the way lives take shape.
That time, July 17th, was the beginning of our retrograde.

Uranus Stations Direct on the 17th of December.
Let’s look at what is about to go down, NOW.



As the 17th is a Full Moon on the Gemini/Sag axis @ 25 degrees,
expect kind of a Mercury Storm effect.
By the time Uranus is Direct, the Moon has moved to Crabcakes,
where She parties with the rest of the big kids.
Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

Jupiter trines Saturn, this can’t be overestimated.
As illogical as it may seem, there is a sense of balance in action.

Full Moons bring results!


What is it that you have been trying to get off the ground?

Have you been waiting to ask a question?


Are you waiting to have one answered?

Is there something you are finally going to say?

Going public on a private affair?
any kind of affair

Life Changes, I think they’re called.

Don’t count out the unforeseen!
Surprises are ummmmm SURPRISING.
Startling, unsettling, miraculous, it’s when the rubberband goes Snap!

and some people will snap, absolutely!

The end of the line, the end of the rope, c’est fini!

180 degrees! That whiplash number!

What happens when you get to the end?
A New STORY! That’s what!


Remember, if you are curious, you are not scared!
That’s the space to occupy.

Think back to July 17, what was the news?
What was swirling around but didn’t quite leap into being,
the way it seemed it might have.
but now, OH NOW.

Let’s not forget that Uranus Direct is the kick off,
and we have the whole game to follow!

Uranus Direct is what tips the balance…
chain reaction?

The Next 3 weeks are Jam Packed,
and it really continues on after that,
for more or less a full year of accelerated madness.

Cardinal Grand Crosses and T-Squares just go on and on!
We will GROW with them!
It takes time to master harsh aspects,
but anyone who has spent time looking at charts can tell you,
harsh aspects bring achievement.
If there is no problem, you have no problem to solve.


It’s worth thinking about, that some huge changes are simply a part of our times.
They effect us because we are living now.

We can embody them, allow them to flow through us,
be swept away in them, or imagine that we simply marvel,
but we can’t marvel from a distance.
Oh no! These times ARE us. Seen or unseen, we live up close.

Love YOU!!!


if you want to talk, give me a shout, still half price ’till December 23!

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3 Responses to Uranus Direct & Gemini Full Moon 2013

  1. Janet says:

    Absolutely wonderful poetically-fired intuitive analysis as usual! Your words gird my astro loins (lions? my Uranus in Leo opposing/mutually receiving the Sun in Uranus) for for these times. Bumpity bumpity bump VVVVVV 😉

  2. Janet says:

    OOps – didn’t come out as planned. Vs were typed one above other for obvious reasons – HOW unexpected!! 😛

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