Unicorns, Butterflies and Pluto: Aries Full Moon Redux

People talk about transformation and it sounds magic, right? And then she transformed in to a a beautiful snow white unicorn. Ha ha!

… and together with her soul mate the other beautiful snow white unicorn they froliced in the waves forever more.

Yeah well, a lot of the time transformation feels like being kicked in the head repeatedly
and deciding not to kick back, deciding to walk away.

Or getting kicked in the head and deciding to simply turn to that person,
with the full force of your personality and annihilate them with a look that says
‘Get the f**k away from me, you infinteisimal piece of dirt’

Or You take them down with one punch. You just KNOW where to hit.

You trust yourself.

You change the story, change your life.

What it means is becoming someone new. Someone you have never been before

A new way. To transform we are new.

We step out of the old paradigm, the old way of seeing and doing.
We become authentic.

Our true selves. We transform. We glide along free as air, free as light,
fully who we are no more no less…

umm.. like ah.. butterflies and umm… unicorns.. I mean right?

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2 Responses to Unicorns, Butterflies and Pluto: Aries Full Moon Redux

  1. Raerae says:

    You are such a gift your writings lift me into a new place of being your writings make me believe I am changing growing and fighting back without making a fist or a desire to notice the enemy. Hoping you for along time continue this craft. You are like no other this a sincere compliment

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