Underside of the Circus

Sometimes you just have to wonder, the whys and hows of it all.
The set ups and let downs that feel so fated and strange,
the dreams and delusions that just turn into a puff of dust, and a
“What was I thinking….?”

Neptune that great dissolver is working on some biggies,
and as reality peeks in and the gaudy paint chips off,
the underside of circus life looks a little rough..

…perhaps the lion’s fur is mangy and the aerialist’s a bitter queen,
the ring master is boozy and lecherous, the clowns are sallow and sad.

Today some of the drama is the let down,

The moon’s still in Leo, and a hero saving the day is not out of the question.
I wouldn’t hold my breath for it though…

Solutions look to be practical and detail oriented.

Stand your ground and don’t be provoked by idiots!

Enjoy the Show

Circus Klezmer looks amazing! I would LOVE to see them!
A far cry the whole ringling bro biz

Miracle Spectacle Hard Work and Talent,

oh oh!

and that other one, endless hours of practice…



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