Under the Full Moon, March 5, 2015

Under the Full Moon in Virgo there seem to be quite a few flies in the ointment.

The way out, is through.
Did you receive your surprise?
The one I mentioned HERE.

I did! I totally didn’t love it, AT ALL.
thanks Jupiter/Venus. snort!
I know, I know, it’s a complex configuration!
Venus/Mars/South Node/Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter

and that’s only the half of it!

Working on the reframing biz. You can only solve problems you know about.

Still listening to Concha Buika,

…because, how could I not?!

I don’t have a birth time,
but she is famous as hell, so a noon chart gives us:

A Double Taurus Sun and Moon,
with an out of sign Moon/Mercury conjunction
Mercury at 28 Aries, Moon at 0 Taurus


an out of sign Venus/Mars conjunction!
Mars 29 Gemini, Venus 0 Crab.

That gives her a perfect set of double sextiles as well as Pluto at 29 Virgo
for a perfect Square to that Venus/Mars.

Chiron at 15 Aries, opposing her Uranus at 14 Libra,
Which brings us back to today.


It’s our Full Moon in Virgo, with Venus/Uranus at 14/15 Aries
square Pluto trine Jupiter.

Some of these persistent problems may be solved with sudden solutions…
at least the ones where that is possible, for most, it’s not that simple.
In a bind that tightens as you twist.

The crisis hi-lights the underlying issues.

Mercury is the best bet here.
Think First.

Love YOU!!!!


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8 Responses to Under the Full Moon, March 5, 2015

  1. Colleen says:

    >>Did you receive your surprise?

    Not yet, but the day is young. 🙂

    • Colleen says:

      Still nothing. Makes me wonder if it’s happened elsewhere but I just haven’t heard about it yet….

      • o_lightning says:

        Hey Colleen,
        Could be! 🙂 Or perhaps this doesn’t aspect your chart in any major way. There is always that too.
        No surprise is better than a bad one, and what can we say about the bulk of the mixed possibilities on the table?!
        Def. the crunchy mixed with the smooth these days fo sho. xox

        • Colleen says:

          Hmmm…Well Venus and Uranus (and soon Mars) are forming a transiting Yod with my Neptune/Pluto sextile. So you’d think *something* was going to happen….

          • o_lightning says:

            Hey Colleen,
            Could be, 🙂 but planets in aspect to outer planets are nowhere near as potent as planets in aspect to personal planets… at least in the short term timing sense. xo

  2. connelly567 says:

    I received my surprise. My temporary boss is trying to fire me. This full moon is right on my natal Saturn 14 degrees Virgo 10th house. How’s that for right on the money. But I’m fighting back.

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