…. Ummmmmmm…….You Guys……..

So have you heard about the full moon in Taurus, and ummm Neptune being direct…. yeah Still talking about it over here….
Still talking…..

So what am I trying to say?

Earth signs are Cap. Virgo and Taurus. This weekend, and next week is all about it.

Getting things DONE. What do you need to do? Cleaning house, having sex, eating good food, and taking care of your biz the way you want to.

The Wheel of Life

A reader recommended I check out Lorez Alexandria.

I had never heard of her. She’s great!
But then I did that youtube (neptune in aqua) thing where I roamed around until I ran into someone I could not resist.

When was the last time you listened to Ann Peebles?

Her voice, man!
Straight to the heart. Taurus Sun, Leo Moon.
Her record label was the same as O.V. Wright, who I love, and they kinda share a vocal style, real “gritsy” for lack of a better word.

Take that, free love! Taurus Sun and Leo Moon with an Aries pile up…. she don’t lend her man!

Everybody covers this one, lets listen anyway

This is one of my favs from O.V.

I think they use the same backup singers… who are damn fine!

Thinking about this Neptune

Who is haunting you? Anyone from your past? Are you haunting your self?
Sometimes I can be my own best ghost.

This Neptune moment has been in the works since 1998

Who have you been?

You know that moment in the LCD sound system cut where he sings,
“I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life.”
The first time I heard that song, I thought “Oh I would! I would!”

Not any more kittens,

I had to go there to get here.

I think mike monteiro made this image. In my head it goes with the LCD song because I found them around the same time

That really is the perfect song to contemplate a full Neptune in Aqua cycle,
it’s so full of Aquarian vibe and life… The internet was born…
Ha! I just looked it up!!!! James Murphy of the LCD Soundsystem was born Feb. 4th!

He’s our poster boy, Aqua Sun and Venus.
His north node in Pisces…
Well well…

Neptune is Pisces will be magic! That’s a PROMISE.

Can we even wait until Feb? What choice do we have?

Love YOU!


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