TODAY is a Special Day,

and in honor of it I am going to repost

my Favorite Post EVERRRRRR!

Or at least it’s my favorite one I can remember.

Doctor I haz the Neptunez real bad….

Enjoy and Feel Good All Over!



Sometimes I like to put the answer before the question.

In case you were wondering, the answer is YES.

YES it is ok to feel better

YES you can enjoy yourself now

YES you can move forward with plans or projects

YES Happiness is Available to Everyone,
(should we call that H.A.E. ?)

and the ticket to admission to your happy place is just a breath,

in and out

that’s all.

It’s a kind of freedom


With a Scorpio Moon/Mars conjunction,
that squared his Venus/Saturn in Leo and just over the line into Virgo,
I think Libra Sun conjunct Neptune (to the degree!)

Delroy Wilson
knew just a little bit about LOVE man, ya think?

He also knew about love songs, take a listen:

If you check him you’ll notice how so many of his cuts emphasize love for everyone..
That’s Sun conjunct Neptune talking, and For Delroy, Jupiter in Sagg! What else!

true believer in love

He sings “True true believer in love, I want the whole wide world to know.
True believer in love and nothing’s gonna change me now.”

You know, I want to tell you a secret.
I used to think that if someone I loved was suffering I needed to suffer too…
and let me tell you, the way I grew up, someone was ALWAYS suffering.
It’s not true though, it’s not even kind of true.

My best service to the suffering comes from a place of boundless love, comes from a place of health and happiness where I have so much love to share, so much calm and beneficent energy that it spills over to soothe the people who need it most.

NEVER Stop Loving

Doesn’t it feel lighter today?

Do you have some happiness to share?

Let’s do this

Feel Good All Over


Love you!

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2 Responses to YES!

  1. Tam says:

    I’m happy that Neptune will be pulling away from my midheaven. 🙂

    Awesome song! ♥

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks Tam!
    So Nice to see you over here. Go Neptune Go! Keep on going!
    I ‘m pretty excited for Neptune to start moving as well.

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