Tuesday December 18, 2012

Happy Tuesday!
Venus is in Sagittarius, ruled by a Gemini Jupiter!
talk about love with Candy Lips!

It says Lil Kim, but we all know this is Foxy Brown.

Worst/Best song ever, female rap category?
Sorry Y’all had to done.

I’m listening to Old Songs Today!

We got the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius too.
Pisces Moon.

It’s a good day to listen to music.
Whenever the Moon is in Pisces music is extra influential.

I started the day with this one:

I got no patience.. and I hate waitin..

Sing along y’all..

Venus in Sagittarius wants to have fun and go for it
This song makes me think of Venus in Sag. every time!

I know I’ve written about her before.
I <3 Shingai Shoniwa! Last a song for the Pisces Moon: http://youtu.be/SMAFIM82Uqs Day Dreamin'... Today try not to get tripped up in the details.
Approach things Pisces Style, open-hearted and a little unfocused.
If you don’t like what’s happening, change your music and change your mind.



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