Thursday August 29, 2013 + a bit about the Weekend.


~The hemulen woke up slowly and recognized himself and wished he had been someone he didn’t know.~ Tove Jansson

As you search for a horoscope to say what is going on for you, in such a way that it causes you less pain, to illuminate dusty corners, to not only affirm or predict,
but to grant relief in the form of momentary understanding…
let me just say that I’ve been there.

If only one could occasionally swap out one’s life for the cliff notes version,
while the non-you had a holiday on some blissful isle where you neither looked,
nor sounded, nor best of all, thought as you normally do.

The Gemini Moon makes few aspects today,
just slipping out of a Trine to Venus in Libra.
That set up, is as close as we may come…

Try on as many personas as you like,
just don’t sign contracts or declare undying love in a sudden volley of promises.
In other words, it’s not a good day to get married.

Realizations are in, though.
You may suddenly understand where and how you’ve been fooling yourself.
Or just flip back and forth with your own estimations of reality like an abused pancake.

For flashes of insight, it’s a gold mine.
Unless you sit there and doggedly try to mine the gold. You’ll just get bored.
Let things come to you however they come, while you are taking care of biz.
Do take them for true.
Don’t wrestle them to the floor and try to squeeze out an extra pint of meaning.

Let’s all be grateful for the holiday,
and handle things as if we were actually on Vacay.
A phone call, a text, an email, a convo.
Why, we may even be called on to Do Something.
Many Somethings! But do them, then allow yourself to get back to island,
to the non-you, whoever you are, to look from an alt perspective.

* * *

Friday and Saturday the Moon moves to the Crabzone.
That’s when it’s on. When we can integrate and connect.

The Moon has quite a role to play in the Cardinal Crossfire,
Kissing Jupiter, & (Lilith!),
She Trines Chiron, Neptune, Saturn, and the North Node.

The Crab Moon is dark, waning: so sincerity, and no pushing boulders uphill.
True Emotion? YES.
Trust yourself.

Leo Mars gets the Smackdown on Sunday. Poor Leo! What else is new?!
Come correct, and don’t bribe the doorman.

For Today,

Be kind to yourself,
float a little free.

Love YOU!!!


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