This Week, This Month, February 3, 2014


Is it wrong that I looked at a map of the sky for today,
& heard Add It Up playing in the background?

It certainly dates me. I was a young rather mild rebel at that point,
drawing on my jeans with ball points and sharpies,
listening to the Violent Femmes during catholic school recess.
Saturn was in Scorpio, then too so was PLUTO!
Uranus was in Sagittarius!
Sometimes it is possible to believe the world spins in a circle.
There I was, sulking on concrete steps,
while my classmates talked about their parents, Phil Collins,
& worse, Tears for Fears.

Aries Moon conjunct Uranus today Square Pluto
Jolts and Surprises, Not all of them good.
Do the math, add it up,
don’t wait, use control, function.

Mercury already retro for all intents and purposes.
This one is triple strength: glitches, missed communiques,
misunderstandings, hold-ups, tech errors, people from the past,
+ sick dreams, & surreal reveries as only Neptune knows how to provision.
Mutable signs, or those with mutable placements, how are you holding up?
Who is beginning to dissolve?

This week, this month:
Jupiter backs us into a moment something like August 18-20th of last summer.
Quelle Horreur.
Perhaps it will go down easier the second time around…
Reckonings are a theme, they just keep coming, or promising to,
We are caught in the loop of some interminable Spaghetti Western.
~There WILL be a reckoning, it will take the whole f*cking movie to get to it.~
I’m so over it, but the universe is not.

Big Full Moon in EGO (leo) on Valentines Day.

Saturn squares the Luminaries,
Mercury Square Saturn soon after:
it takes work to get where we are going, to be understood.

Backward and backward goes Jupiter until it hits 10 degrees
on February 16th and just stays there, vibrating for eons.
Jupiter Stations direct on March 5, 2014.
Circle that one in your calendar.
It’s got all kinds of slippery healing potency.
I’ll be sure and write it up.

Mercury retro on the 6th of Feb. Mars retro, soon as Merc’s done with it,
March 1st through May 19th.

that old new sound
~ I just want to make it new with you… I only want to share new things, new stories and kisses. I don’t wanna do over what I failed at before, I just wanna make it new with you. ~

Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t let anyone off easy.
Cardinal T-Square = New Directions that sprout like mushrooms,
while we turn our heads back.
We look back because we have to.
& We move forward for the same reason.

Weaving these threads into what?
Into what now?

Love YOU!!!!


Backyard Bill just did Soko’s profile,
check it

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2 Responses to This Week, This Month, February 3, 2014

  1. Jenn says:

    Religiously read your posts! Love love love them!

    For me this week is stuffed with a lunar (4th), solar (6th) and venus (10th) return… I can feel myself changing, I just wish I knew into what lol.

    Thanks again for your weather forecasts, they do make the storms a little lighter.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jenn,

      You are so welcome!! Thanks for writing, what a sweet thing to say!!!
      So many returns! You are all synced up. Time to begin again. <3 xoxx

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