The World of the Dreamers, Neptune in Pisces

So Neptune is in Pisces.

Neptune in Aqua gave us the internet…

Neptune has Magic Powers,
or does it? After all it’s one slippery little fish…
What did Neptune in Capricorn give us? Could it be… shoulder pads…
and um corporate dressing? Haha! With Neptune moving signs our ideas about glamor will change…

As many Astrologers have noted, Neptune has not been in Pisces since the Civil War.

Whose dreams will be fulfilled?

I really like seeing Neptune at home in Pisces,
It gives me the sense that magic, real magic can take place,
While Cappys climb, plummet, and achieve,
Aquarians wake from their slumber,
Virgos don their strangely colored glasses,
Aries take a last look around and rev their engines,
Taurus try the local delicacy of the strange lands they are wandering through,
Libras are more true to themselves than ever,
Scorpios’ relax and enjoy (whatev that means)
Crabs get the short end of the stick, and still manage to come out ahead
Leos wonder if they ever really knew you…
Sagittarius… what is the meaning of home?
Geminis a new world to achieve in….


The highs and and the lows baby,


For Neptune in Pisces, everyone remember:


big LOVE


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4 Responses to The World of the Dreamers, Neptune in Pisces

  1. M says:

    Awesome! But hey, what about Cancer? What’s happening for sweet sensitive little Cancer?

  2. M says:

    Oh wait, that’s the crab! Got it…

    • Orlando says:

      , I agree with a lot of what you say, my partner and I have been dinsucsisg the same issues relating to Nept. into Pisces.One excellent point you make about the numbing of the self through pharmaceutical drugs really rings true and something I have thought about a lot.It is dissapointing that it is so accepted in our culture as a fix it for anything that ails us, when often the true uderlying problems often do not get addressed or go undetected as well as the common problem that the drugs set off other health problems within the individual. What I find particularly disturbing and hope t o see change in this area of health, is the common belief or way that society seems to advocate so much food that is heavily processed with preservatives and junk and then, surprise surprise ones health is not as good as it could be so the current mainstream approach is to then fix yourself with junk medicine.As people become more aware I think there will be more people going back to healthful ways of eating and being emotionally, spiritually and physically so that we dont rely on corporate greed for our health or well being.

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