The week of November 30, 2015

173-1280x1280 photo by Amanda Charchain

Heeeeeey, Sorry I’ve been gone so long!
I missed you!!!!

Did you have a thanksgiving?
Did you catch a hint, a clue,
or an enormous billboard to continue on in your direction?

Some particular joys were available over the weekend, even if you had to take the sugar mixed with salt.
once spilled they are very slow to part

Still there was sweetness, true gratitude?
and if not sweetness, certainly migratory flickers of amnesia which can for a moment, double as such.

photo by Amanda Charchain

Walking through fog is disorienting,
certainly it will slow you down.

Some connections were made courtesy of a modest Jupiter.
One of the doors will surely open, which one?
Who knows, but he passes you an innocuous bundle of keys.
Feel around for the right shape?
Or methodically try them all?
Toss them in the rubbish on accident?

A mutable T-Square:
Sun/Saturn/Mercury pits itself against Chiron/Neptune and Jupiter/North Node
humble works best here, for true.

The sky is setting up come major jolts by the end of the week and on into the weekend.
Pluto/Uranus/Mars it’s a classically violent Cardinal T-Square.

To say it connotes unfortunate events, is stating only the most basic information.
Accident, electrical fire, be careful with knives and with driving,
with the Moon so close to Mars and Jupiter square Mercury,
Religious motivation or some version of (self) rightousnes figures in.
Is it a moment someone may reach for a gun? errr yes…
Families/women/children are particularly at risk.
If we make it through this weekend without shootings or bombings,
I’ll be amazed.

With the Moon/Mars in Libra whatever actions are taken may be seen by their takers as trying to ~restore the balance~ of a world already off kilter. Some of the dreaded “push back”

What else?
Venus leaves her happy place.
By Friday she is considering which passions to incite, and with whom.
Intimacy, Triangles.

No more tea parties, now we drink blood.
only kidding, just ask a Scorpio Venus!

to read more about this placement, look HERE

Love YOU!!!!


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